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10 Things Your Gym Wont Tell You !

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10 Things Your Gym Wont Tell You !




1. We May Not Be Prepared if You Have a Heart Attack 
Approximately 400,000 people each year will experience a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a life-threatening condition. Some of these incidents occur in health club settings. Ask the management at your gym (or a gym you are considering joining) whether they are prepared for such an emergency and whether the staff is trained to assist.

2. We’re Not Responsible for Items Stolen Out of Your Locker 
Most gyms post signs in locker rooms absolving themselves of any responsibility if you find your laptop or other valuables missing from your locker after your hot yoga class. If you must being them to the gym, carry your valuables with you and/or choose lockers in busy areas, not in secluded corners of the locker room where thieves can go undetected.

3. Our Trainers Aren’t Certified  
As an unregulated industry, personal trainers do not require a license to practice. So before you sign up with your gym’s personal trainer, ask whether or not their trainers are certified. Finally, be sure to inquire about the trainers’ years of experience.

4. The Gym Is Crawling With Germs 
Sweat, exposed skin and a lot of people in small area create a veritable paradise for pathogens to thrive. Most gyms are not really clean, and many do not take adequate measures to clean. Always use a towel on weight benches, avoid touching your face and wash your hands immediately after your workout.

5. We’ll Tell You Anything To Get You To Join 
You’ll lose weight, you’ll change your body and your overall quality of life will improve if you join our gym, according to many gym sales pitches. “They’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to sign up. These can prove to be true if you utilize the facility to its maximum potential. But most people don’t. All gyms are businesses set to make money, so be careful and be sure to check out the gym during the hours you’ll be using it to see how crowded it gets.

6. We Won’t Let You Go Easily 
Paying month-to-month ties you to the gym through your credit card — and good luck getting them to stop billing you. They may even tempt you by offering you a discount. Read the contract thoroughly so you understand their cancellation policies.

7. Most People Never Use Their Membership 
Once you sign up, gym owners count on you not to show up. Most people pay for a membership and then drop out within a few months. In fact, 67 percent of people who sign up for a gym membership never use it, according to Club Industry. Make sure you’re committed to using the facility before wasting your money.

8. We Can Waive the Initiation Fee 
In addition to a monthly fee, gyms typically charge an additional initiation fee. This can run into the thousand of rupees. You should never pay the initiation fee. In addition, ask about other discounts. Nearly 90 percent of health clubs offer discounts to families and couples.


9. You Can Get Hurt 
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new venture and want to jump in to the most challenging, toughest class right off the bat. Overcrowded classes and inexperienced instructors might be to blame on an increase in yoga injuries, an activity not normally known for its element of danger. Just because a class is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. Faulty equipment and failure of the gym to maintain equipment can also create grounds for injuries.

10. The Orientation Is a Ploy to Get You to Sign Up with Our Trainers 
Many gyms offer a free orientation session or two with one of their trainers when you sign up. The trainer typically takes you through a complex routine and doesn’t write anything down with hopes you’ll sign up for sessions.

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