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7 KEYS to Succesful Ageing

The Key? There are SEVEN of them… Read on and you may never see your bathroom scales, dinner plate or friends the same way again.

7 Keys to Succesful AgeingOnly three of the seven keys involve nutrition and fitness. The other four are related to attitude, optimism and social interactions. How you choose to live your life has more impact on your health than any other vitamin or pill. Besides the seven keys, the runner ups are the following five actions that matter so very much…

The benefits of water are vast..And after 60, your sense of thirst diminishes. You may not even realize you are thirsty. But drinking adequate water helps to boost flagging energy, cut down the risk of heart attack, ease constipation and so on.

Small meals at regular intervals are a great way to get all the nutrition you need. Let moderation replace deprivation and you will feel happier and healthier.

A diet high in junk ingredients- excess sodium, trans-fats, saturated fat, sugar and refined carbs. These are disastrous.

As you age, sleep patterns change, body resets itself and levels of melatonin and growth hormone drop. It is possible to be well rested if you work with and not against your sleep cycles.

Cutting stress by meditation, listening to music, enjoying nature promotes the deep relaxation that we need. This can help your body to heal faster, your mind function better and your digestion work better.


Dieting or trying to lose weight may not always be the best bet for women. Losing weight at an older age may also mean muscle loss, that would lower the mean metabolism, make you weaker with less flexibility and balance, and also make you lose bone density. So rather than losing weight, focus on eating for good nutrition and disease prevention. Then follow a good resistance training exercise routine.


Eating more fruits and vegetables boosts your intake of vitamins and free radical – busting antioxidants. Research has shown that the waist to hip ratio is inversely associated with blood levels of vitamin C, independent of body mass index.


Exercise can:

  • Ease the ache of arthritis
  • Lower your Alzheimer’s risk
  • Keep bones strong
  • Soothe anxiety
  • Reduce your chances of developing arthritis
  • Help you sleep better
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Help you achieve your healthiest weight
  • Maintain muscle strength
  • Improve balance and flexibility

It is never too late
Taking regular exercise can offset the changes to muscle and tendon structure that occur as people grow older. Exercise improves the quality of life.


People who maintain hobbies and interests in their later lives suffer less stress and depression; have better moods, improved immune system and lower risk of heart disease.

Optimism, effective coping styles were found to be more important to successful ageing than traditional measures of health and wellness.

Make sure you do something every single day that improves you or the world.


Fill your life with family, friendship, laughter and love. Close connections are a source of joy and offer a sturdy shield against the stress that can lead to health problems in the long run.


Having an optimistic attitude towards life in your later years can dramatically enhance your chances of living to enjoy more of it. Staying happy and feeling control in face of life’s challenges builds what experts call ‘stress resiliency.’ Without this near-magical force field, your mind and body can become steeped in stress hormones leading to depression, anxiety and a higher risk of heart disease; it can even make conditions such as glaucoma, rosacea and diabetes worse. How can you get there? One key element is an ability to enjoy the moment. ‘The factors that made later life satisfying included the capacity to enjoy life for its own sake, and finding meaning and purpose.

Have a laugh
It releases endorphins that create a feeling of joy and euphoria, lowers stress hormones, relaxes muscles and stabilizes breathing patterns. Watching a funny film improves blood flow to a similar extent as exercise – indeed, a really good laughing session can increase calorie burn-off by about 20 percent. Regular laughter – some doctors advise 15 minutes a day – has been shown to help people to cope better with pain, fight infection, speed up the healing process and improve general health.

Count your blessings
Focusing on what’s good in your life really does make everything seem better.

Create me-time
Make sure you reserve some time just for you at least once a week and preferably every day. It doesn’t matter what you do- jogging, meditation, an art class or gardening – as long as it enables you to forget your troubles.


If you think that mental fatigue, forgetfulness, fuzzy thinking and even dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are unavoidable in the years ahead, the new science of ageing has news for you: by stressing your mind in productive ways, you can lower your risk of mental decline. And you don’t need fancy computer programs or complicated ‘brain games’ to do it – simple ‘brain calisthenics’ (one neuro-scientist calls them neurobics –aerobics for your brain cells) that involve new ways of doing everyday things are all it takes.

While ‘bad stress’ leads to depression and cognitive problems (and even physical ailments), this ‘good cells, increasing blood flow, and boosting production of neurotrophins – chemicals that protect the brain cells. Exercise increases levels of a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which acts like brain fertilizer. This chemical increases the number of connections between neurons, helps to spur the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, may aid in the growth of new neurons and protects existing nerve cells in the brain from free radical damage.

img_dump_junkAdd in Neurobics’

Activities that involve one or more of your senses in a new way, such as getting dressed with your eyes closed, or that combine two or more senses in unexpected ways, such as listening to a piece of music while smelling an aroma, can strengthen synapses between nerve cells and make brain cells produce more brain-growth molecules.

There are many other instant ways to stimulate new brain connections in fresh, beneficial ways.

– Figure out in your head how to say the name of everyone in your family backwards
– Similarly, read a whole sentence from the newspaper or a book backwards.
– Multiply numbers in your head. Start with two-digit numbers multiplied by a single digit (for example, 82 X 7) and work up to multiplying by two digits.
– Try counting challenges. For example, count by 13s up to 390.

This isn’t as silly as it sounds. Challenging and even frustrating changes in thinking patterns can help to strengthen brain wiring and build new networks that preserve sharp thinking for longer.

According to research, training over several weeks in memory, problem solving, decision making resulted in prolonged increases in cognitive ability. Training on an average took about a decade off the cognitive age of these volunteers.

So the message again is “use it or lose it.” The more candles on my cake means, I get a little more exercise in blowing them out. You can free yourself from ageing, by reinterpreting your body and grasping the link between belief and biology.

Therefore, ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

The World’s Healthiest Foods – Almonds



img_Dr_GiansinghAlmonds – The World’s Healthiest Foods
Crazy about Your Heart? Go Nuts
Dr. Gian Singh Aulakh

Whenever we talk about food items which are very healthy and should be consumed by all, almonds are the first to come to our mind and most of us believe so also. It is normally recommended that young babies and children should be given a paste of a few pieces of almonds soaked overnight in water. It surely means that any food which is useful to growing kids must be good for grownups also in building and maintenance of their health.

Now natural question will be why are almonds so special?

Almonds as nutritive and tonic are used all over the world and considered good against mental exhaustion and fatigue. Their use keeps the nervous and respiratory organs moist and keeps them healthy. Healthy sex life is a sign of good health and almonds are useful as sex stimulant; they increase formation of semen (a life supporting element) and are aphrodisiac. In addition almonds produce softness in throat and chest and assist in elimination of phlegm. They are considered good in for addition of good fat and good for eye sight. They are useful for dry cough and irritation of urinary bladder. Almond oil (BADAM ROGUN) is also good against constipation.

What are the nutritional components of almonds?

The almonds contain about 26% carbohydrates (12% dietary fiber, 6.3% sugars, 0.7% starch and the rest miscellaneous carbohydrates), and may therefore be made into flour for cakes and cookies (biscuits) for low-carbohydrate diets.

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin (26 mg per 100 g) E, a vitamin useful for eye sight and reproduction. About 20 percent of raw almond is HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN, a third of which are essential amino acids. They are also rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins, essential minerals and MONOUNSATURATED FAT, one of the two fats which potentially may lower LDL cholesterol. Almond flour is very desirable for use in cake and bread recipes by people on carbohydrate-restricted diets.

Typical of nuts and seeds, almonds also contain phytosterols, associated with cholesterol-lowering properties.

We enlighten you with a few…

  • img_nutrition_almondsDid you know, almonds provide you with brain power? They contain many essential nutrients, which can actually help you improve the way you think!
  • They are great for the skin. If you add almond oil or almond milk to your skincare regime, it will make your skin softer, more supple and flawless. You can also massage almond oil into your skin.
  • Almonds contain minerals like potassium, folic acid, protein, mono-saturated fats and vitamin E. Hence eating them can significantly reduce your chances of heart diseases.
  • If you are in the habit of consuming cups of coffee and energy drinks to get a boost of energy, try eating almonds instead! Riboflavin, copper and manganese in the nuts will give you stamina.
  • Like blueberries and pomegranates, almonds are superfoods that can help reduce weight significantly. Drink unsweetened almond milk for faster weight loss.
  • Last but not the least, almonds regulate your blood pressure because they are high in potassium and low in sodium. They also help in keeping your cholesterol levels in check.

Nuhair Hair Serum

Nuhair Hair Serum


Hair is and always has been one of the most important aspects of human beauty. Hair of good quantity, quality, luster and texture has remained the vital contributor in the beauty statement for women across all the cultures in the world since ancient times, till today. Similarly, importance of hair as a style statement is increasing amongst the modern men in today’s world. It is important to note that healthy hair not only indicates an individual’s good social status, but also reflects good physical health of the person. Thus, due to its importance in reflecting health as well as beauty, hair care has always been a specialized area both from cosmetic as well as healthcare aspects.

The market today is overflowing with numerous products being offered to the consumers, which include special or medicated oils for hair and scalp massage, herbal and synthetic shampoos and conditioners and many other products which claim to reduce hair loss. However, it is very important to understand the right and high quality product which effectively acts to help in maintaining or regaining the healthy glow and shine of hair and also reduce hair fall.


NuHair from Natrol is a highly innovative yet completely natural product, which offers multiple benefits to reduce hair loss both in men and women. It is a natural nutrient booster for fine and thinning hair, which energizes the scalp and nourishes the hair shaft. Regular application of NuHair Serum rejuvenates and strengthens thin, lifeless hair and helps produce stronger, thicker hair.

ConclusionNuHair Serum utilizes a highly advanced lipoceutical, time-released multiphase delivery technology, through which it effectively supplies vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, and helps restore shine and fullness of hair.

NuHair Serum exerts this completely beneficial effect on the hair through a highly advanced combination of various well known herbal ingredients and vitamins and minerals, some of which are:

  • Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus globulus): The essential oil derived from the leaves and branchlets of this well-known medicinal herb
  • is used mainly as topical application, for a variety of health problems such as cough and cold. Eucalyptus oil is very beneficial for hair and it exerts antimicrobial and antiviral effect. It is used for hair care in combination with other ingredients to enhance hair luster and improve hair bounce.
  • He Show Wu /Fo-ti (Polygonum multi-forum): the root tuber of this Chinese herb is traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a tonic and an anti-aging remedy, and it is particularly very effective in hair loss and premature greying of hair. He Show Wu is an excellent hair & color restorative, and it also helps the growth of terminal hair. This herb promotes hair growth by inducing anagen phase in resting hair follicles.
  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis): Known as Mahendi in India, this plant very well praised for its hair coloring properties. Additionally, henna also helps hair growth and dyeing of hair.
  • Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis): It is an herb native to the Latin American countries. Jojoba oil is very nourishing for hair and scalp, as it improves gloss and manageability of hair.
  • Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis): This herb is native to the southwest of Europe (France, Spain and Portugal). It is an aromatic herb, and has a beneficial anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens): This herb helps in reducing hair loss due to alopecia, and helps in healthy hair growth.
  • Keratin: Keratin is a natural protein substance found in hair and nails. Stress to the hair through chemical treatment and heat can break down keratin and weaken hair. Keratin present in NuHair helps strengthen the hair.
  • Biotin: Biotin is often recommended as a dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails. It also slows graying of hair.
  • Vitamin E: It helps with blood circulation and leads to a healthier scalp. Topical vitamin E applied to the scalp also helps to regrow hair.

Buy Now NuHair thinning hair serum offers highly advantageous formula with easy application method, where 10-15 drops of the Serum need be applied on the affected area of scalp and leave it overnight. The product offers benefits on continuous use for four months. 

Nutraceuticals in sports nutrition

img_nutraceuticals_sportsThe link between diet and health continues to grow, and researchers have begun looking at the benefits of certain foods that may provide beyond their nutritional value. For the last few years, a growing interest is developed in nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals are the products isolated from the foods and sold in medicinal form to help in prevention or treatment of disease, such as omega-3-fatty acid, phyto-estrogens, probiotics and prebiotics, luteins, psyllium etc.

Nutraceutical word with “nutra” derived from nutrition and “ceutical” from pharmaceutical refers to substances that may be considered a food or part of food and may provide medical and health benefits.

1. Substances with established nutritional functions such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.
2. Herbs or botanical products as concentrate and extract herbals.
3. Reagents derived from other sources (e.g. pyruvate, chondroitin sulphate, steroid hormone precursors) used for specific function as sports nutrition, weight loss supplement, and meal replacement dietary supplements.

The use of dietary supplements is widespread in sports fraternity. Recent reports show that between 70 and 100% of all athletes use dietary supplements. All levels of athletes engaged in supplements use more frequently during training phase, however athletes competing at the international/ national level reported using supplements most frequently during both training (98.3%) and competition (87.1%). In India too, 80 to 90% of elite athletes consume dietary supplements. The Dietary supplements used most commonly were vitamins, and antioxidants (84%), minerals (73%), protein & creatine supplement (53%) and ergogenic supplements(including coenzyme Q10, caffeine, ginseng (52%).

Athletes look for supplements for many reasons:
• Promoting adaptation to training
• Losing body fat and building muscles
• Increasing energy supply
• Allowing more consistent and intensive training by promoting recovery between training sessions
• Enhancing competitive performance

Like drugs, dietary supplements too have risks and side effects. They can usually be used safely within certain dosage guidelines.

But, unlike drugs, dietary supplements are mostly self-prescribed with no input from informed medical sources like doctors, dietitians, or pharmacists. All players should look carefully at the risks and rewards of individual supplement before trying them. Many players ignore the need for caution in supplement use and take supplements in doses that are not necessary, and may even be harmful. There’s a lot of wrong information out there. Even for those who are usually well informed, it can be hard to find reliable information about the safe use and potential risks of dietary supplements.



A plethora of Dietary supplements is marketed for athletes and physically active individuals as a mean to enhance performance. Advances in nutritional biochemistry and biotechnology have permitted the mass production of all nutrients essential to human metabolism. Total global consumer spending on dietary supplements for sport and health reasons is estimated at $187 billion and rising with 6-7% per annum. According to an industry estimate, the current nutraceutical market in India is about Rs.1600 crore with an annual growth rate of 25%. Few of the products used by the athletes are supported by sound research base and some may even be harmful to the players. One should keep in mind that a great deal of what you hear or read about dietary supplements is based on anecdotal evidence. Anecdotal evidence is based on people’s (even doctors’) personal experiences or opinions rather than objective, controlled research studies. Be skeptical of sources that make grand claims based on a few people’s testimonials or vague references to “scientific proof.” The rule “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” usually applies to such claims. Keep in mind that the makers and sellers of supplements have a financial interest in promoting their products.

Players who are liable for drug testing under national & international programs should especially be cautious about using any supplement. Contamination of diet with substances that may cause a player to fail a doping test is wide spread. Some surveys have suggested that as many as one in four supplements may result in positive test.

Players must be aware of strict liability principle that makes them responsible for everything they eat and drink. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for a positive doping result.

The Officer with Hardcore Muscles



Mr. Sachin Atulkar, Superintendent of Police (M.P.)

“This M.P. based Superintendent of Police tells us Bodybuilding is not just a source of relaxation for him, but a real booster for his profession that demands mental and physical involvement.”

Daring, but a cool-head is what can be used to describe Mr. Sachin Atulkar, Superintendent of Police (M.P.). No doubt, he is in it for a long time. The Bhagalpur born tough- player confronts how he balances his passion for fitness and due diligence towards his duties. The IPS officer of 2007 batch has seen stressful days and tiring routines in his early career days which have been the main challenges of his personal health. The 29 year old IPs officer has spent a fair part of his life in serving the nation as well as his own physique by following strict routines and workout schedule.

Why fitness? What does fitness routine mean to you?
However, Mr. Atulkar accepts the fact that his routine being a stressful one always required a refreshing break. The job he was in has no specific timings which further adds to his woes. Though the indoor and outdoor activities he was involved in kept him busy most of the time, they never appealed him to the core. He admits the fact that regular workouts at gym rather require will power and determination as compared to time. And this is what places him among the fitness enthusiasts who are successful both at the work place and in their personal lives. Missing workout schedule has never been on the cards and squeezing out time for cardio and weight training has always been a smooth ride for the young IPS officer. A tried and tested routine of 4 day weight training, 2 day cardio and one day of absolute relaxation has always worked for him. According to him one can succeed in the professional life only and solely if you can manage to balance your career with your personal life.

What motivates you to take up fitness on the fore front?

When asked what motivates him to take over fitness as a part of his lifestyle, he responds that sports and games were always a part of his life since childhood which was carried over further to enhance his professional output. He believes that he is addicted to fitness which makes him perform better in his profession that demands hardcore, muscular and brawny looks. Also regular workouts bring out the sense of achievement. Not only does fitness attribute to stress free life but also over-all well-being and welfare of a person. “I’m motivated by the challenges I face every day”. “Every challenge I face brings out the best from within me” says Mr. Atulkar.

How do you describe your journey to fitness?
“Most of the training I do is to keep myself focused and calm. I can’t just brag, I’m the calmest and composed person, however, most of the physical training stuff I do at the gym has offered me amazing experiences”. Right from the day one, the focused IPS officer has been excited about the adding inches (healthy muscles of course) and the bulges that added to his looks. Since then he has been witnessing plenty of positive changes in his life whether it is sleeping habits, diet or temperament. “Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I see more of a confident, authoritative personality rather than just a young and smart officer”.

How do you cope with your schedules mentally and physically?
“Well, mind and body are the two different components that help you set and achieve your goals.” “Those who are really committed towards the goals are the real achievers”. Bodybuilding is not just a source of relaxation for Sachin, but a real booster for his profession that demands mental and physical involvement. Not just police, but even people in other professions must stick to diet, exercise, relaxation and time schedules to achieve a god mental and physical health. A strong will-power and tireless can-do attitude are the two main aspects according to Mr. Atulkar.

What according to you is the key to bodybuilding and fitness?
Mr. Atulkar holds proper diet, regular exercise and rest as the three main factors responsible for successful bodybuilding. The combination of all the three aspects have always been the most successful and efficacious way of attaining your goal. While the diet nourishes your body, regular exercise tones the physique and rest encourages growth in the right direction.

Can you let us know your exercise routine?
I follow a simple schedule of 4 day weight training, 2 day cardio routine and one day rest
Day 1 – I begin the day 1 with chest and tricep exercises
Day 2 – I exercise the back and tricep
Day 3 – I try to put in a few cardio exercises
Day 4 – A few stretching and relaxing exercises for my legs
Day 5 – Again a few cardio exercises
Day 6 – I reserve this day to train the weakest part of my body
Day 7 – I do nothing but relax my body and the brain

img_sachin_atulkarMr. Sachin Atulkar is a great food lover and believes that nature holds a lot for the human beings in terms of food. He has small meals preferably 4-5 meals a day that includes eggs, chicken, fish, chapatis, sweet potato, brown rice, oats, olive oil, salad, dry fruits and fruits. He makes sure adequate amounts of glutamine, caffeine, amino acids, creatine, omega 3, whey protein, vitargo, Liv-52 and fibre are included in his diet to support his muscle building regimen.

How does he stay on the track?
Still one of the toughest training drivers at the age of 29, Mr. Atulkar believes that fitness is synonymous with longevity and perfection. To stay fit on the track requires focus and dedication. Besides, one must show a lot of patience and persistence when it comes to long term results.

What about the love for sweets and junk food?
There is rarely anyone on the earth who defies junk food. “I believe for most of us bodybuilding is done in the kitchen and not in gyms” says Sachin who tries to create a balance between eating and exercising. He stresses on 70% diet and 30% exercising, whatever be the goal.

Mr. Atulkar’s message to the Readers
For most of us it is very easy to wake up every morning and say “I’m tired”. But the thought of a well-built structure and bulging muscles of yourself will certainly drive you out of your beds. Just retain the will and determination, you will find time for gym. There are times when you would have to compromise with your work schedule and sleep, but if you schedule things wisely, nothing can stop you!