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The iron man milind soman at the fitindia launch event…

milind-somanTechnology is meant in an ideal world to make us better people.  To help us to achieve the best we can in all spheres, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Unfortunately, we are misusing technology and this has had an ill effect on the health of people. An example is AMERICA, 2/3rd of the population is either overweight or obese. This is not a positive sign at all.

Despite being far advanced in terms of medicine, technology, they have rampant life style diseases. People are immensely suffering, but the sad part is, they don’t realize it.

Today, in India we see people in huge numbers taking up an active lifestyle.  I am myself a part of that community.  I run marathons and in the last 14 or so years, I have witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of people who have embraced this sport .Each one of them is an inspiration in themselves .This is also exemplary to the coming generations, a we lead by example ,and not merely preaching .

Stressing on the importance of an active lifestyle, embracing sports, playing, making the right choices in food, is extremely important.

It is the duty of each and every individual to take up this responsibility and spread awareness about fitness.

I congratulate GLANBIA for taking up this step, in the right direction.

Mahatma Gandhi said “If you want to see the change, you have to be the change” and this saying can be put to its best use in Fitness.

I would like to share my own example. I started swimming at the tender age of 10, and also won my first silver medal at the national level .I continued representing Maharashtra till the age of 23. Of course I did go through that phase, like a typical Indian family, where academics were given more importance than sports. Being from a family ,extremely inclined towards education ,I was also being pressurized to do so, however I was lucky and blessed to have the strongest support in my mother ,who is a professor of bio chemistry ,to pursue sports and academics simultaneously .In fact ,my dedication to sports instilled a strong sense of discipline in me and my foundation years are largely responsible for what I am today .

Indians are keen on educating themselves, and we have made a mark across the world, because of this discipline and commitment to studies.

But today, because of our misuse of technology because of our sedentary lifestyle, we are at a disadvantage.

Being a sports person has affected me and my personality in many ways. The mindset, the thoughts and positivity I have, I owe it all to my Fitness.  So, I am grateful, that is the greatest gift, that my parents gave me was to encourage me in sports and this is what we all need to do.

“Awareness” is the key today.  Educating people about the dangers of a bad lifestyle and the wrong choices is vital .It is not easy either. An example here is that every cigarette packet comes with a warning, yet it does not deter people from smoking.Yet, as they read the warning, they have the choice .It is our duty to give that choice

Sharing information and spreading awareness can slowly make a change.

So has been the case in  marathons, in cities from ‘Dehradun’ to ‘ Darjling’, to Chennai, the bigger cities, the small towns, everybody is getting hooked into running, and it gives me immense joy to see this change.

The condition of health in India is at an abyss, it is on the brink of a catastrophe, but spreading awareness can reverse the trend, and will bring about the much needed change.

My congratulations to the fitindia campaign, and I would love to be a part of the events at every stage.

Fitness gives you positivity, makes you more focused and disciplined as well.  At 50 ,when I was awarded with the IRON MAN ,it was the most amazing feeling I had, and was congratulated by one and all .I wish to tell everyone ,that each one of you can do it. YOU ONLY NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE.

My congratulations to Sakshi Malik, for winning the medal at the Olympics!

We need to inspire, educate and spread awareness amongst each other ,and our future generations, for a better, healthier tomorrow.


The Importance Of Right Nutrition

The following needs to be kept in mind


Carbs are one of the most important macro nutrient, which provide us instant energy, fuel our brain and fuels the muscle to perform.  In the last few years our consumption of refined carbohydrates has increased manifold, which is something to worry about. This increase in the sudden intake of refined carbs is responsible for the cases of insulin resistance going up or diabetes going up. As a nutritionist I would always suggest to eat more of complex carbohydrate and avoid as much you can the refined sugars.

Fruits are a great source of dietary fibers , vitamins and minerals . Make sure to have atleast 2 servings of  fruits a day. Look for colors in your fruits, try and have atleast 5 colors of fruits  a day. This will help your system perform better.

  • FATS

Fat is the most misunderstood macro-nutrient , with most of the people ,infact the professional trainers(non-certified) advicing to eat  less fat . They advocate that eating less fats will make you thin, which  means you won’t gain fat without realising that it is the extra calories that you intake which makes  you gain fat and not the consumption of fat.  Fat is an excellent source of energy and is needed for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Fat is also needed for the release of anabolic hormones like testosterone and estrogen. It is extremely important to incorporate good fats into your diet. The good fat here classifies as the unsaturated fat, which helps to reduce your bad cholesterol and also helps to subside the inflammation. Start adding more omega 3, walnuts, almonds, olive oil and fish oil in to your diet. Avoid saturated and Trans fats from your diet.

  • Proteins are called the building blocks of the body and are needed for a constant repair and maintenance of the human body. Eat good sources of protein such as eggs, meat , pulses , lentils to have enough intake of protein in your diet.

A balance of the above is a wholesome meal and will fulfil your requirement of  good nutrition .The quantity of the food, however may vary from person to person. For professionals, the quantity of protein, fat and carbs varies as per their fitness goals. While muscle gaining diet is different from strength gaining diet: a fat loss diet is entirely different from a maintenance diet.

But for general maintenance of good health, and a good physique, one must be watchful of what one eats. Ofcourse, we all have our induldgences, but we need to strike a balance.

Add variety of fruits and vegetables to fulfil your requirement of vitamins and minerals. Make sure to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.

When followed for a long period of time, eating right will boost your immunity and you will have a healthy life to live to the fullest!

Food forms the basis of life, and the human life functions well if the fuel is right. We need to understand the importance of the right nutrition. Our ancestor always focussed on eating right. Over the years, a sudden increase in cases of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer has been seen . Our Ayurveda amedicine system keeps the food on the top. So, to fight with any diseases, keep your nutrition right. FOOD has a vital role to play in human life. To gain strength, to fight a disease,to boost immunity ,to achieve a target body shape, the right food, coupled with the right workout gives a desired result.

Dr Chirag Sethi, #fitindia BRAND AMBASSADOR ,and Director,CLASSIC FITNESS ACADEMY, elaborates:

Words of wisdom sam bedi the need for a campaign like fitindia, in a developing country like india.

img_3047From a global company standpoint, Glanbia has the benefit of seeing trends around the world. One of those trends is the increasing incidence of non-communicable lifestyle disorders brought about through poor nutrition and inactive lifestyles. In many of the 100 odd markets around the world where our products sell, this is certainly the case.

India is no exception, but with a few exceptions, or additional factors to consider which raises the need for action against the problems these lifestyle disorders bring an economy and country.

Firstly, the very large scale population India has results in very large ‘absolute’ numbers or incidence of diabetes and heart-related illnesses, brought about through poor diet and inactive or sedentary lifestyles

Secondly, these lifestyle disorders are not just limited to the increasingly aspirational middle income class growing in India. It also extends to the poorer parts or India, both urban and rural, and the resulting malnutrition issue which comes through a lack of access to ‘balanced’ food.

Clearly there are very different drivers which operate across the burgeoning middle income class and poorer communities across India. And as a result, different solutions required to address both.

To understand the magnitude of the problem facing India if it does not look to address these lifestyle orders, it is worth noting the demographic and population breakdown of India, and the implications for the future.

Today, around 65% of population in India is under the age of 35, and the primary the work force that is and will drive productivity and output of this country and the economy going forward.  With the health challenges of both the burgeoning middle income class as well as poor, we have is a situation where the work force can become less competitive with those around.  Whether it be the Chinese, the Russians, and the other countries in the world are more & more emerging.

With that the concern for India relates to sustaining its economic growth going forward. This will not just impact the youth, but all people in the country as the impact from compromised economic growth impacts employment, private investment, as well as government investment, including in areas such as the provision of healthcare, infrastructure, and other social requirements.

Therefore, reversing the lifestyle disorder trends is critical. This problem only compounds for future generations. After all, if we continue to become an unhealthy population and community, the likelihood is this will act as a catalyst for an even more unhealthy next generation as poor attitudes and behaviours (poor diet and inactive lifestyle) becomes cemented in future generations from an even earlier age. Therefore, the need to take action is now.

That is certainly the prospective we have, when we look at India from a Global company point of view. And we see from a company standpoint to play a role across education (both diet and active lifestyle), as well as relevant solutions (covering both the burgeoning middle income class and poorer communities) to help address these trends facing India.

Eating at the right time is as vital as eating right! By dr. Chirag Sethi

Eating at the right time is as vital as EATING RIGHT.A large number of people suffer from problems such as indigestion, acidity, flatulence and so many more. The reason, unidentified though, is more often not eating at the right time. The health issues that the people are struggling with today increase manifold with either their lack of discipline towards their meals, or their inability /lack of access to food at the right time due to their busy schedules. Although it is on each individual’s choice to make this change, it is important to understand the need for eating right at the right time.

We give you an insight into this in conversation with the learned and renowned DR Chirag Sethi, our fitindia brand ambassador and the director of CLASSIC FITNESS ACADEMY.

1) What is the significance of “eating at the right time” in response to “eating right”?
Timing of the food matters as eating at wrong hours or wrong time leads to weight gain. Early morning and post your workout carbohydrate meals are considered excellent whereas eating carbs just before bed will lead to weight gain.
Often seen that the people who follow a nutrition plan tend to eat right,whilst the other people whose heaviest meal is the dinner,with a heavy consumption of carbs at night.

2) Briefly explain the importance of timing while eating.
Timely eating helps your body to use the calories wisely. Your body clock re adjusts according to the timing of food intake i.e you will start feeling hungry around your lunch time since your body has adapted accordingly. Since your liver and muscles are empty in the morning so a high carb meal will help.

3) A few pointers on how to maintain the right time for eating.
• Start your day with simple carbs , proteins and fats. Start reducing the carbs as the day ends.
• Increase your protein intake by day end.
• Make sure to eat at the same time every day. This adjusts your body clock.

4) What are the dos and don’ts for maintaining the right time to eat?
• Don’t skip your meals.
• Don’t delay your lunch or dinner meals.
• Give at least 90 minutes to your food to digest before you sleep or start any kind of physical activity.
Remember, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of health. And achieving that is not a difficult task, only if you are a little conscientious towards yourself. We all have those 24 hours in a day, and how well we manage those depends entirely on us!


Meet the Visionary Mr. AVIK SANYAL on the Launch of Fit India


Namste / Good Evening

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to this evening inauguration event of Fit India.

Before I talk about Fit India,

I would like to thank our chief Guest Hon. Minister of Health & Family Welfare  Shri. J.P. Nadda Ji for gracing  this occasion with his presence, despite busy schedule. He has always supported this initiative & without his help we wouldn’t have been able to reach this far.

I would also like to mention my gratitude for our Hon. Member of Parliament Shri. Sudhir Gupta Ji, who constantly guided & advised us to bring this initiative to this stage.

Big Thanks to Actor/ Director & fitness icon  Mr. Milind Soman for accepting our invitation.  We look forward to him for sharing his experience about Fitness.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without my company Glanbia whole heartedly support the event.  The company value which believes in “Delivering Better Nutrition to every stage step of Life Journey”.

This is not a mere statement bit it is demonstrated by living its values in real life  by our company employees specially my senior colleague Mr. Sam Bedi, Regional Director Asia. A  big thank you for supporting this event internally within Glanbia Group.

I would like to thank Ms. Seema Chandra Managing Director & Mr. Sumeet Singh CEO smart cookie who whole heartedly supported by partnering with us to lead this initiative.

I thank  Amazon team who truly believe in this cause extended their support to co-partner with us.

Finally   Member of Panel today Dr. Ashish Jain, Mr. Chirag Shethi, distinguished Guest , Members from Press & media and all of you. A Big thanks from our side for taking time out to attend this function.

Your support means a lot to all of us.

Traditionally, everyone thought that life style diseases are associated with the wealthy and elderly sections of society. However, in the recent past, with increase in work pressure and changes in lifestyle (urban or Rural), it has been proved that all sections of the society and people from different age groups including those who are in the working age are equally vulnerable to non-communicable lifestyle diseases.

These diseases are in rise & cut across boundaries and affect all section of society.

Some of statistics published in recent times shows the severity of this problem:

  • 90 % of Indians do no recreational physical activity
  • India has 64.5 million adults with Diabetes
  • 80% Indian are Protein deficient
  • Childhood Obesity is on rise increase the risk of these lifestyle disease.

The result of these Non communicable lifestyle would be disastrous  to our new ambitious emerging India  specially to  our young aspiring Indian  population of which (65%  is below 35 years of age) this lifestyle disease will have far reaching consequence on the productivity and output of Indian Economy.

Thus, Fit India Campaign aims  to raise awareness and education on nutrition and active lifestyle, thus bringing a change in the quality of life thereby targeting  to curb the growing incidence of non- communicable lifestyle disorders.

Through a integrated communication campaign Fit India aims to reach 100 mn. People .

We aim to make it easily accessible to everyone and a call-to-action to get Indians moving.

Campaign plans to bring together a cluster of professionals

  • dieticians, nutritionists
  • educators
  • key opinion leaders ( celebrates, Senior Govt. officials, Press & Digital media professional )

who will lead to increase in awareness of health and nutrition issues facing India.

Fit India Campaign will travel to 12 cities and collaborate with associations like

  • secondary schools
  • colleges
  • government services
  • sports academics and
  • the general public

to reach the change makers at various levels through multiple events within these cities.

Our Aim is to Create awareness on the importance of nutrition & active life style  and ways to reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders.

To make this campaign a great success we request that each & every stake holder have to work together in more collaborative manner as one team, to leverage  each other strengths for the benefit of the cause.

During my last one & half year of journey to bring Fit India to life, I met many stakeholders to discuss about the event & ideas about the campaign.

Each & every stakeholder believed in the cause , gave us encouragement & their support.

This gives me confidence that this campaign will attain its target and mission.

A big thank you  to everyone again for joining this inauguration event today.

Thank you. Jai hind.

Fit India movement By SHRI J.P. NADDA Hon’ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare

My esteemed colleague in parliament, Shri Sudhir Gupta Ji, my dear friend who is associated with the fit India movement – Shri Avik Sanyal ji, Sam Bedi Ji, the distinguished panelists, Mr. Milind Soman, Madam Seema, Dr. Ashish, distinguished delegates and ladies & gentleman, members from the press (print media and electronic media).

It is indeed a matter of great happiness for me to be a part of this program, fitindia program, which has been started by Glanbia.

Few weeks back, Mr.Avik came to me had a detailed discussion about fitindia movement; I was very enthused by the vision he had and that the people in GLANBIA are thinking of going with the program of fitindia.

I must congratulate him for coming out with such a program because this is also very dear to my heart being a Health Minister of the country. Not only being, only the health minister of the country, I feel that this is one of the most important and meaningful programs which GLANBIA has undertaken.  I can assure that ministry of Health & family Welfare will be the part and parcel of this program because we consider it to be our program.  And full support will be there for this program.

Dear Friends, Avik has told about the importance of this program.

When I was a young student and later on when I became the minister of health of a state like Himachal, we were going through a time, when we were fighting aids.

And at that point of time, AIDS was something which was taking a very dangerous dimension.  And there was a situation where there was a question whether we will be able to fight back AIDS or not.

In those days when we used to talk about Aids, we used to talk about ACQUIRED IMMUNO DEFICIENCY SYNDROME. So the word ‘acquired’ was very important. 20 years later, when I think about the LCD’s, I want to add the word acquired here also because LCD’s do not come on their own.  Our life style is very important which is making us acquire there LCD’s, and the burden is approximately 4.5 trillion dollars which India looses as far as the creative part is concerned.  So, we can understand, that we are sitting on a Bombshell, and it’s something which can be avoided.

Approx. 98 lacs deaths take place because of the LCD’s which is 60% of the total deaths which take place. Approximately every year there are 11 lac cases of cancer.  And at any given time, 5 lac prevalent cases of cancer are there.

If we talk about the diabetes, approximately 6 to 7 crore people are suffering from diabetes, it is considered to be the epicenter of the world as far as the diabetes are concerned.

Now diabetes can be hereditary, it can be genetic also, but it can be acquired also.  The type of food we take matters. If we talk about cancer, the research has told us very clearly, and the research done on cancer says that a sedentary life and the passive style of living is one of the immediate and very important causes of cancer.

Keeping all these factors in view, I think that fitindia programme is one of the fittest programs that we need.

If we want to reduce the burden and if we want to see to it that we reduce the burden of the curative part, we hope to work on the preventive part. And the curative part is very costly.

And I feel sorry, when I see school children and their lifestyle.  How they behave, what is their lifestyle, how they go with their daily routine, makes me feel pained.

I am pained when I see that we are acquiring diseases and we are making them vulnerable to such.

Keeping this factor in view, I associate myself with GLANBIA.

As far as the research and other things have shown that we have to increase the physical activity, we have to adopt healthy food habits.  I would not like to name any company, but we see that we are inclined towards junk food.  That has to be taken care of and right type of awareness is important.  I will not name any food joint but yes, the type of food we are getting, and the type of food habits which we are developing, have to be taken care of.

Also, Yoga is a very important factor that can be a good remedy to address the issue of non-communicable diseases and to avoid non-communicable diseases that can be helpful.

Keeping all these factors in view, in the Health dept, we have started clinics as far as the health checkups are concerned.  As far as cancer is concerned, we have developed two national cancer centers.  One cancer centre is coming up which is an extension



of AIIMS, in Jhajhar. Another cancer centre is developing in Kolkata that is Chitranjan Cancer Centre. We are developing 20 state cancer institute’s, we are developing 50 type tertiary centers as well.

We are developing 11 AIIMS ,and we will spend approximately more than 1000 crores on each AIIMS for tertiary health care.

So all this creative part we are taking into consideration.   We are also trying to develop a branch of Ayush in each AIIMS where we want to integrate the Indian system of medicines along with yoga.  This integration is one step which we are trying to do but all this is not possible with your active support.

I must share with you, that Govt of India is also planning to have a rigorous school education programme as far as healthy lifestyle is concerned, and fit India is very much similar, that we having here under the leadership of GLANBIA.

We will integrate this with our programme . Our full support will be there.  I ,as a minister would like to associate myself and my ministry with this fitindia programme so, wherever you have this program our ministry will be there to assist and help you in workshops, interaction and awareness programs.

Certainly, it will be very helpful.  We can convert it into a movement , and that is my aim.  In school education ,we must look into the fact that the children should be made aware about the right steps towards this. If that awareness is brought, that can bring a change.

And fitindia also is one of the programs like this.  You are trying to go for awareness programs, we will be there to support you, and with your support we would like to make it a movement in the real sense.

You have distinguished panelists here, who have lived a very healthy life themselves, and I really appreciate your choice of the panelists.

Thank you and my best wishes to you all thank you for giving me a patient hearing.