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As a bodybuilder, at some point you’ll be asked whether you want to use exogenous anabolic substances to boost your muscle gains. Research tells us that the vast majority of gym goers choose to remain drug-free. But just because you’re not juicing up doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your muscle gains. In fact, there are

How to Build Huge Biceps.


When starting on a bulking phase, one of the key body parts that many Bodybuilders want to give a specific focus on are the biceps. The biceps are the most highly noticed muscle group by others, so if you have nicely developed arms, people use to think that you’re on top of your workout performance.

Train, Eat, Grow

w installments I’ve been outlining quick bodypart routines you can use when you’re pressed for time. I covered all the muscle groups, and you can find most of them incorporated into the programs on pages 56 and 58. Notice that most of the bodypart workouts include multiple exercises, as I tried to cover the three

The Importance of Stretching

Q: How important is stretching to a weightlifter? A: To some extent it depends on the individual, a statement that applies to any fitness pursuit. Basically, the training protocol you implement needs be something that will accomplish your goals. Even so, most lifters don’t have crystalline goals, or they have goals that are, frankly, misguided or

7 KEYS to Succesful Ageing

The Key? There are SEVEN of them… Read on and you may never see your bathroom scales, dinner plate or friends the same way again. Only three of the seven keys involve nutrition and fitness. The other four are related to attitude, optimism and social interactions. How you choose to live your life has more impact

The Officer with Hardcore Muscles

  CELEBRITY OF THE MONTH Mr. Sachin Atulkar, Superintendent of Police (M.P.) “This M.P. based Superintendent of Police tells us Bodybuilding is not just a source of relaxation for him, but a real booster for his profession that demands mental and physical involvement.” Daring, but a cool-head is what can be used to describe Mr. Sachin Atulkar,

10 Things Your Gym Wont Tell You !

    1. We May Not Be Prepared if You Have a Heart Attack  Approximately 400,000 people each year will experience a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a life-threatening condition. Some of these incidents occur in health club settings. Ask the management at your gym (or a gym you are considering joining) whether they are prepared

10 ways to exercise without realising

1. Stand up If you can, stand during the day as often as possible – get up every 20 minutes. And going for a brisk walk even if it’s just around the building or house or to the next block – you can burn hundreds of kilojoules compared to sitting at a desk for the

Top 5 Bodybuilding Mistakes for beginners

A lot of people fall in love with the idea of wanting to build muscle. They often start out with good intentions and visualize themselves looking a certain way within a few months. More often than not they get this better image of themselves from the front cover of a magazine. All this fantasizing finally

Maximise your Bench Press

The bench press is  one of the Mecca of weight bench exercises. The bench press is generally used by most people as a measurement of how strong you are, although using the bench press as a measurement of total strength isn’t a very good indicator of your overall physical strength. However it is a great