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The iron man milind soman at the fitindia launch event…

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The iron man milind soman at the fitindia launch event…

milind-somanTechnology is meant in an ideal world to make us better people.  To help us to achieve the best we can in all spheres, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Unfortunately, we are misusing technology and this has had an ill effect on the health of people. An example is AMERICA, 2/3rd of the population is either overweight or obese. This is not a positive sign at all.

Despite being far advanced in terms of medicine, technology, they have rampant life style diseases. People are immensely suffering, but the sad part is, they don’t realize it.

Today, in India we see people in huge numbers taking up an active lifestyle.  I am myself a part of that community.  I run marathons and in the last 14 or so years, I have witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of people who have embraced this sport .Each one of them is an inspiration in themselves .This is also exemplary to the coming generations, a we lead by example ,and not merely preaching .

Stressing on the importance of an active lifestyle, embracing sports, playing, making the right choices in food, is extremely important.

It is the duty of each and every individual to take up this responsibility and spread awareness about fitness.

I congratulate GLANBIA for taking up this step, in the right direction.

Mahatma Gandhi said “If you want to see the change, you have to be the change” and this saying can be put to its best use in Fitness.

I would like to share my own example. I started swimming at the tender age of 10, and also won my first silver medal at the national level .I continued representing Maharashtra till the age of 23. Of course I did go through that phase, like a typical Indian family, where academics were given more importance than sports. Being from a family ,extremely inclined towards education ,I was also being pressurized to do so, however I was lucky and blessed to have the strongest support in my mother ,who is a professor of bio chemistry ,to pursue sports and academics simultaneously .In fact ,my dedication to sports instilled a strong sense of discipline in me and my foundation years are largely responsible for what I am today .

Indians are keen on educating themselves, and we have made a mark across the world, because of this discipline and commitment to studies.

But today, because of our misuse of technology because of our sedentary lifestyle, we are at a disadvantage.

Being a sports person has affected me and my personality in many ways. The mindset, the thoughts and positivity I have, I owe it all to my Fitness.  So, I am grateful, that is the greatest gift, that my parents gave me was to encourage me in sports and this is what we all need to do.

“Awareness” is the key today.  Educating people about the dangers of a bad lifestyle and the wrong choices is vital .It is not easy either. An example here is that every cigarette packet comes with a warning, yet it does not deter people from smoking.Yet, as they read the warning, they have the choice .It is our duty to give that choice

Sharing information and spreading awareness can slowly make a change.

So has been the case in  marathons, in cities from ‘Dehradun’ to ‘ Darjling’, to Chennai, the bigger cities, the small towns, everybody is getting hooked into running, and it gives me immense joy to see this change.

The condition of health in India is at an abyss, it is on the brink of a catastrophe, but spreading awareness can reverse the trend, and will bring about the much needed change.

My congratulations to the fitindia campaign, and I would love to be a part of the events at every stage.

Fitness gives you positivity, makes you more focused and disciplined as well.  At 50 ,when I was awarded with the IRON MAN ,it was the most amazing feeling I had, and was congratulated by one and all .I wish to tell everyone ,that each one of you can do it. YOU ONLY NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE.

My congratulations to Sakshi Malik, for winning the medal at the Olympics!

We need to inspire, educate and spread awareness amongst each other ,and our future generations, for a better, healthier tomorrow.


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