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By Vinay Sangwan

Ever heard of a popular saying that if you do a task for 21 days regularly, the task becomes your habit. Well I do not know how much truth it holds, but definitely believe that you can achieve any goal if you are consistent. To make something a part of your daily routine, you must practice consistency as a top rule! The longer you follow something, the easier it becomes to continue it for life and the better you become at it.

Every day I meet people who have different stories to tell on why they can’t find time to work out, some mention about fitness facilities like gym, health club etc. being far from their homes, some say they can’t find time as they have long working hours, some say they have no energy left after long working hours at office, some mention about the unavailability of good trainers and the list is endless. To all such people my advice is only one that finding time for your body is an easiest task, all it takes is dedicating bare minimum 15-20 minutes of your day to it.

A person who exercises for bare minimum time, 4-5 times a week will always be muchahead than a person who is not doing anything or a person who is exercising 70 minutes for one day in a week. It is not about the volume; not about how many minutes you exercise on a particular day but about how many days you are able to sustain your minutes in a week. A person may have the best trainer, best gym facility, best diet plan but still may not be able to reach his/her fitness goals if not exercising regularly. Consistency is the key to your fitness success, keep short routines but do them regularly. Why consistency is so important in reaching or maintaining your fitness levels?

Consistency has positive effects on your metabolism rate, enhances endurance levels, increases motivation, reduces chances of injury, levels up the enthusiasm, provides long lasting fitness results, improves mental wellbeing and so on. Remember how healthier and happier you feel the day you exercise and if you are consistent with the regime, be assure you would feel much more satisfied with your results. When you exercise regularly, your body releases happy hormones endorphins that gives you a positive feeling about your workout whereas people complain of pain and low energy when they have longer gaps between the exercise routines. For the body to get accustomed to a routine, consistency is the only key. A person who exercises 4-5 times a week never come across a dull moment post workout! Resting for set hours is good for body but if the hours become too long then it hampers the performance and reduces the willingness to continue in the future. There is a huge dip in motivation levels if you have long gaps between your workout days.

Many people tend to be impatient when it comes to achieving fitness goals, but little they realize that even a seed takes its own time to grow into a plant, so does your body. A commitment to a regular workout regimen is the key to achieving your fitness desires. If you keep your promise of showing up, your body would show visible results too and so would your mind be at peace!

As a first step to achieving consistency, you must choose the most convenient time for exercise. Choosing the exercises that you can perform daily effortlessly is the second step that must be taken. Next on the list would be choosing a diet that you can sustain for a long time.  Lot of people tend to be careless when it comes to diet regime, people follow a diet for 4-5 days and blow it up totally for the next 2-3 days, this way the results achieved go back to zero. Always choose a diet plan that is convenient to prepare and is comprising of nutritious food you like, rather choose something that you can prepare yourself with minimum efforts and not be dependent on others. Have full control on the food you eat so that you never skip a much required meal!

Some of the other factors that can add consistency to your fitness routine are having an exercise partner, it is proven that if a person has an exercise partner, the sense of responsibility increases which makes the person never miss a session. Other way to keep you going is exercising on your favorite music, definitely lightens your mood.

Maintaining consistency is not a one-day task but is achieved gradually with every step. Just make sure that you exercise at least 3-4 times a week, be it only for 20 minutes and get the best out of this time. Schedule your sessions and keep changing them so that you are never bored. Make a log today to track your progress and see for yourself how easy it will be to reach your goals. Never miss your routine whether you are on a holiday or on an office trip, whether you are having super busy office hours or have a wedding/function coming, leave no room for excuses and you would see that how achieving this consistent routine becomes a cake walk for you. It is all in your mind, if you can convince yourself for few first days, the routine would become part of your daily life activities such as brushing your teeth.

So do not be hard on yourself, start with short sessions but keep it regular as the longer you maintain it, the easier it would be to reach your goals.For e.g. it is always better to do a workout of 20-25 minutes for 14-15 times in a month than slogging yourself for 2 hours 8-9 times in a month. So stick to your exercise regime as it is the only key to your healthy and happy life. Start today and let’s create a healthy habit for life!

Be Patiently Consistent or Consistently Be Patient!

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