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Meet the Visionary Mr. AVIK SANYAL on the Launch of Fit India

Health & Nutrition

Meet the Visionary Mr. AVIK SANYAL on the Launch of Fit India


Namste / Good Evening

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to this evening inauguration event of Fit India.

Before I talk about Fit India,

I would like to thank our chief Guest Hon. Minister of Health & Family Welfare  Shri. J.P. Nadda Ji for gracing  this occasion with his presence, despite busy schedule. He has always supported this initiative & without his help we wouldn’t have been able to reach this far.

I would also like to mention my gratitude for our Hon. Member of Parliament Shri. Sudhir Gupta Ji, who constantly guided & advised us to bring this initiative to this stage.

Big Thanks to Actor/ Director & fitness icon  Mr. Milind Soman for accepting our invitation.  We look forward to him for sharing his experience about Fitness.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without my company Glanbia whole heartedly support the event.  The company value which believes in “Delivering Better Nutrition to every stage step of Life Journey”.

This is not a mere statement bit it is demonstrated by living its values in real life  by our company employees specially my senior colleague Mr. Sam Bedi, Regional Director Asia. A  big thank you for supporting this event internally within Glanbia Group.

I would like to thank Ms. Seema Chandra Managing Director & Mr. Sumeet Singh CEO smart cookie who whole heartedly supported by partnering with us to lead this initiative.

I thank  Amazon team who truly believe in this cause extended their support to co-partner with us.

Finally   Member of Panel today Dr. Ashish Jain, Mr. Chirag Shethi, distinguished Guest , Members from Press & media and all of you. A Big thanks from our side for taking time out to attend this function.

Your support means a lot to all of us.

Traditionally, everyone thought that life style diseases are associated with the wealthy and elderly sections of society. However, in the recent past, with increase in work pressure and changes in lifestyle (urban or Rural), it has been proved that all sections of the society and people from different age groups including those who are in the working age are equally vulnerable to non-communicable lifestyle diseases.

These diseases are in rise & cut across boundaries and affect all section of society.

Some of statistics published in recent times shows the severity of this problem:

  • 90 % of Indians do no recreational physical activity
  • India has 64.5 million adults with Diabetes
  • 80% Indian are Protein deficient
  • Childhood Obesity is on rise increase the risk of these lifestyle disease.

The result of these Non communicable lifestyle would be disastrous  to our new ambitious emerging India  specially to  our young aspiring Indian  population of which (65%  is below 35 years of age) this lifestyle disease will have far reaching consequence on the productivity and output of Indian Economy.

Thus, Fit India Campaign aims  to raise awareness and education on nutrition and active lifestyle, thus bringing a change in the quality of life thereby targeting  to curb the growing incidence of non- communicable lifestyle disorders.

Through a integrated communication campaign Fit India aims to reach 100 mn. People .

We aim to make it easily accessible to everyone and a call-to-action to get Indians moving.

Campaign plans to bring together a cluster of professionals

  • dieticians, nutritionists
  • educators
  • key opinion leaders ( celebrates, Senior Govt. officials, Press & Digital media professional )

who will lead to increase in awareness of health and nutrition issues facing India.

Fit India Campaign will travel to 12 cities and collaborate with associations like

  • secondary schools
  • colleges
  • government services
  • sports academics and
  • the general public

to reach the change makers at various levels through multiple events within these cities.

Our Aim is to Create awareness on the importance of nutrition & active life style  and ways to reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders.

To make this campaign a great success we request that each & every stake holder have to work together in more collaborative manner as one team, to leverage  each other strengths for the benefit of the cause.

During my last one & half year of journey to bring Fit India to life, I met many stakeholders to discuss about the event & ideas about the campaign.

Each & every stakeholder believed in the cause , gave us encouragement & their support.

This gives me confidence that this campaign will attain its target and mission.

A big thank you  to everyone again for joining this inauguration event today.

Thank you. Jai hind.

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