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Joe and Ben weider were a great inspiration for the Aangrish brothers Sheru and HemantAangrish. Mr. Olympia inspired the two young evangelists of the sport to bring something spectacular to their country. This lead to the inception of Sheru Classic production pvt. Ltd.

Sheru and Hemant paved way for a lot of international brands to come to India and showcase what paramount fitness standards meant.

The story of the Iron brothers of India can be said to be very similar to the weider brothers. These two indeed changed the dimension of Indian Sports, Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry.

Where it all began

For Sheru, Bodybuilding was love at first sight. Born in 1978, in Ludhiana, Sheru was first drawn into the sport of Bodybuilding while watching his older brother Hemant work out. Rigorously trained by his brother, Sheru won his first championship of Junior Mr. India at a tender age of 16. After winning his first title, Sheru went on to pursue an MBA degree from King’s College, London. It was here that he encountered his first challenge of balancing his studies with his first love – Bodybuilding. True to his name, Sheru thrived under such trying moments in his life. For the lion there was no looking back;Sheru’s passion for the sport kept him on the edge at all times. He trained incessantly and in 2002 he won the Mr. Britain Championship. Sheru was the only second Indian to win a IFBB Pro card.

Hemant Aangrish was a great influence for his brother sheru as he was the man to handover the dumbbell and barbell in Sheru’s hand for the first time and there was no looking back.

 Pioneering in the Supplement Industry

In the Late 90’s and the early 2000’s when there was no sign of a sports nutrition industry in India. No one had heard and known about the benefits of supplementation.

Hemant Aangrish envisioned to provide the best of the supplements to the Indian people. With this objective in mind the Aangrish brothers formed a company Double H Nutrition in 2003.

The two brothers were responsible in importing the best brands of Health and dietary supplements such as Muscletech, MVP, sixstar nutrition, etc. The Indian bodybuilding and Fitness enthusiasts for the first time could get hold on world’s best supplement brands at an affordable price.

Double H Nutrition carried its operations till 2011 but Iron brothers of India decided to wind it up for a higher vision of the Sheru Classic expo where all the distributors and brands had to be invited as exhibitors. It wasn’t in the best of the interest to keep the supplement business and invite other importers and Supplement community as well to the Sheru Classic. The Double H nutrition served as an influence to many of the existing distributors and health supplement importers.

Spreading Health and Fitness Pan India

Sheru, living outside India since two decades knew what kin of infrastructure, Technological advancement, Training and science was being implemented in the west. He saw that there is a huge gap between the Health and fitness centers/gyms of India and the west. An idea to bridge that gap was propelling him. In the year 2007 the Aangrish brothers had a partnership with one of the biggest brands in the gym industry, Gold’s Gym. From 2010 to 2012 they owned several outlets of the Gold’s brand in India and eventually sold them out in year 2012. The Fitness gyms, which they had setup, were totally distinct to what we had in India earlier.

In 2014 M.S Dhoni partnered with Sheru for his project SportsFit by MSD. MSD knew that if he wants his brand to go towards an extensive expansion ten SheruAangrish is the man to go for. Sheru and his team went on to increase the Franchise network for Sportsit and from 1 gym they created 12 gym within a span of one and a half year.

The unique concept of Health, Fitness centers/gyms which Sheru brought to India is still being copied by many major brands operating in India.

Indian Gym Industry will forever be thankful to Sheru Aangrish.

Nurturing and Supporting Talents

Sheru and His brother both coming from a sporting background have an emotional connect with athletes of all fields and periphery. They both faced hardships in crafting their career as the Sports Industry and Infrastructure was at its nascent stage in the late 90’s.

HemantAangrish launched another company Aangrish Brothers Holdings in 2009 in order to promote Sports, Health and Fitness education and create an infrastructure for the youth.

Aangrish Brothers Holdings currently managing and supporting talents and athletes like Satnam Singh Bhamara, whi is the only Indian to play for Texas Legends Franchise in the NBA.

ABH under the leadership of the Iron brothers of India also manages India’s only current IFBB pro bodybuilder Varinder Singh Ghuman. Moreover ABH is strongly promoting Arjan Singh Bhullar who is the only Indian to compete in the UFC.

Amit Roy who is the only IFBB pro in the Classic Physique division. They all are one in a billion.

Sheru Classic goes International

In the year 2016 Sheru Classic achieved yet another milestone in its feather. Under the vision of SheruAangrish the brand Sheru Classic went international and conducted its Pro Show in Dubai.

The Sheru Classic Pro show was held in Dubai in which all the major athletes from the sport of Bodybuilding took part. RoellyWinklaar, Varinder Singh Ghuman, Hadi Choopan, Jeff Bechkam, etc.

The show garnered immense praise in the IFBB circuit and International Bodybuilding.

 Appreciation and Acknowledgement

The efforts made by Sheru have been appreciated by none other than the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Aangrish Brothers holdings is closely working with the Government on several levels for the upliftment of Sports, Health, Fitness and wellness in the Country.

Recently the Canadian government appreciated and congratulated Sheru for his event, which is Asia’s largest Health and Fitness expo the IHFF SheruClasssic.

The sports ministry of Dubai honored and appreciated Sheru for the Sheru Classic Dubai and his efforts for the betterment of sports.

Sheru was the first Indian to hold the Torch of Special Olympics from New York Stock exchange to World Trade Center, which was a humongous honor. Sheru is now working closely with the Special Olympics committee in the State of New Jersey, USA.


The Aangrish brothers always had the vision to bring Mr. Olympia like spectacular brand to India. This also lead to the creation of Sheru Classic which became world’s third largest Bodybuilding and Fitness event.

Last year Sheru Classic had a tie up with ABEC and together the two companies conducted the IHFF Sheru Classic 2016 which had one lakh visitors.  Sheru long with his partner Mr. Manish Gandhi from ABEC paved way for Amateur Olympia brand to be held in India and now with the Efforts of Sheru and Manish Gandhi this dream of millions of Indians has become a reality to compete at the Amateur Olympia, Moreover an opportunity to win the IFBB Pro card.

The fact remains that whenever the Indian Health, Sports and Fitness Industry has hit a milestone or a benchmark these two beloved Iron Brothers of India Hemant and SheruAangrish had their involvement in it. They have pioneered and revolutionized the Indian Health and Fitness Industry but they are nit just done yet. The Journey has just begun.

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