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Fit India movement By SHRI J.P. NADDA Hon’ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare

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Fit India movement By SHRI J.P. NADDA Hon’ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare

My esteemed colleague in parliament, Shri Sudhir Gupta Ji, my dear friend who is associated with the fit India movement – Shri Avik Sanyal ji, Sam Bedi Ji, the distinguished panelists, Mr. Milind Soman, Madam Seema, Dr. Ashish, distinguished delegates and ladies & gentleman, members from the press (print media and electronic media).

It is indeed a matter of great happiness for me to be a part of this program, fitindia program, which has been started by Glanbia.

Few weeks back, Mr.Avik came to me had a detailed discussion about fitindia movement; I was very enthused by the vision he had and that the people in GLANBIA are thinking of going with the program of fitindia.

I must congratulate him for coming out with such a program because this is also very dear to my heart being a Health Minister of the country. Not only being, only the health minister of the country, I feel that this is one of the most important and meaningful programs which GLANBIA has undertaken.  I can assure that ministry of Health & family Welfare will be the part and parcel of this program because we consider it to be our program.  And full support will be there for this program.

Dear Friends, Avik has told about the importance of this program.

When I was a young student and later on when I became the minister of health of a state like Himachal, we were going through a time, when we were fighting aids.

And at that point of time, AIDS was something which was taking a very dangerous dimension.  And there was a situation where there was a question whether we will be able to fight back AIDS or not.

In those days when we used to talk about Aids, we used to talk about ACQUIRED IMMUNO DEFICIENCY SYNDROME. So the word ‘acquired’ was very important. 20 years later, when I think about the LCD’s, I want to add the word acquired here also because LCD’s do not come on their own.  Our life style is very important which is making us acquire there LCD’s, and the burden is approximately 4.5 trillion dollars which India looses as far as the creative part is concerned.  So, we can understand, that we are sitting on a Bombshell, and it’s something which can be avoided.

Approx. 98 lacs deaths take place because of the LCD’s which is 60% of the total deaths which take place. Approximately every year there are 11 lac cases of cancer.  And at any given time, 5 lac prevalent cases of cancer are there.

If we talk about the diabetes, approximately 6 to 7 crore people are suffering from diabetes, it is considered to be the epicenter of the world as far as the diabetes are concerned.

Now diabetes can be hereditary, it can be genetic also, but it can be acquired also.  The type of food we take matters. If we talk about cancer, the research has told us very clearly, and the research done on cancer says that a sedentary life and the passive style of living is one of the immediate and very important causes of cancer.

Keeping all these factors in view, I think that fitindia programme is one of the fittest programs that we need.

If we want to reduce the burden and if we want to see to it that we reduce the burden of the curative part, we hope to work on the preventive part. And the curative part is very costly.

And I feel sorry, when I see school children and their lifestyle.  How they behave, what is their lifestyle, how they go with their daily routine, makes me feel pained.

I am pained when I see that we are acquiring diseases and we are making them vulnerable to such.

Keeping this factor in view, I associate myself with GLANBIA.

As far as the research and other things have shown that we have to increase the physical activity, we have to adopt healthy food habits.  I would not like to name any company, but we see that we are inclined towards junk food.  That has to be taken care of and right type of awareness is important.  I will not name any food joint but yes, the type of food we are getting, and the type of food habits which we are developing, have to be taken care of.

Also, Yoga is a very important factor that can be a good remedy to address the issue of non-communicable diseases and to avoid non-communicable diseases that can be helpful.

Keeping all these factors in view, in the Health dept, we have started clinics as far as the health checkups are concerned.  As far as cancer is concerned, we have developed two national cancer centers.  One cancer centre is coming up which is an extension



of AIIMS, in Jhajhar. Another cancer centre is developing in Kolkata that is Chitranjan Cancer Centre. We are developing 20 state cancer institute’s, we are developing 50 type tertiary centers as well.

We are developing 11 AIIMS ,and we will spend approximately more than 1000 crores on each AIIMS for tertiary health care.

So all this creative part we are taking into consideration.   We are also trying to develop a branch of Ayush in each AIIMS where we want to integrate the Indian system of medicines along with yoga.  This integration is one step which we are trying to do but all this is not possible with your active support.

I must share with you, that Govt of India is also planning to have a rigorous school education programme as far as healthy lifestyle is concerned, and fit India is very much similar, that we having here under the leadership of GLANBIA.

We will integrate this with our programme . Our full support will be there.  I ,as a minister would like to associate myself and my ministry with this fitindia programme so, wherever you have this program our ministry will be there to assist and help you in workshops, interaction and awareness programs.

Certainly, it will be very helpful.  We can convert it into a movement , and that is my aim.  In school education ,we must look into the fact that the children should be made aware about the right steps towards this. If that awareness is brought, that can bring a change.

And fitindia also is one of the programs like this.  You are trying to go for awareness programs, we will be there to support you, and with your support we would like to make it a movement in the real sense.

You have distinguished panelists here, who have lived a very healthy life themselves, and I really appreciate your choice of the panelists.

Thank you and my best wishes to you all thank you for giving me a patient hearing.


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