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Why Gluten May be Bad For You

Awareness of the negative health effects of gluten has increased in the past few years.One 2013 survey shows that a third of Americans are actively trying to eliminate gluten from their diets.But gluten-free is more than just the latest fad…

Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water


Our bodies are around 60% water, give or take.It is commonly recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Although there is little science behind this specific rule, staying hydrated is important. Here are some

3 Step Plan to Lose Weight Fast


There are many ways to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.However, most of them require you to be hungry and unsatisfied.If you don’t have strong willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on

How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day?

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Protein is incredibly important.If we don’t get enough from the diet, our health and body composition suffers.However, there are vastly different opinions on how much protein we actually need.Most official nutrition organizations recommend a fairly modest protein intake.The DRI (Dietary

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

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One of the best ways to lose weight is Reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.It reduces your appetite and causes “automatic” weight loss, without the need for calorie counting.This means that you can lose weight while eating until

10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight

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There  are some uncountable conflicting advice about how to lose weight. All sort of pills,potions and weird diets have been devised,actually most of them do not have any evidence behind.Though all of those are not a nonsense.After some studies and

The World’s Healthiest Foods – Almonds

  Almonds – The World’s Healthiest Foods Crazy about Your Heart? Go Nuts Dr. Gian Singh Aulakh Whenever we talk about food items which are very healthy and should be consumed by all, almonds are the first to come to