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Nirmal Singh

54 AGE
24/07/1988 Date of Birth
5' 11 HEIGHT(ft.)
95 WEIGHT (kg)
Fitness Trainer CATEGORY
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nirmal Singh BIOGRAPHY

“A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned.” Someone right said these words and to ensure that people earn all these, Nirmal Singh began the journey of Nirmalfitness. He is a man who wears different hats. Mr. Nirmal is not only a certified personal trainer who is known for his fun sessions on fitness but works as an athlete, influencer and entrepreneur. Through his daily sessions and online fitness program, he shares the motto that health is a feeling and he wholeheartedly works to help people experience that feeling. Mr. Nirmal suggests various changes in lifestyle that can lower the chances of getting age-related diseases and amplify the quality of life. Mr. Nirmal believes that one can begin their journey of happy life through regular exercise. In his sessions, Mr. Nirmal also provides essential building blocks to a pure, strong and healthy lifestyle. Not just this, he also shares his unique method of movement with his clients and online followers to make their life healthier. Over the span of a decade, Mr. Nirmal has worked with prominent brands and personalities in the field of fitness. Today, he is transforming the lives of health enthusiasts with his guidance and expertise.

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