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By Tanny Bhattacharjee

A person with greater immunity will have higher chances of success in fighting against any disease. Now the question is how to build such an immune system and how to build a stronger metabolism to fight against any disease.


To achieve a stronger metabolism and immune system we need to maintain a fitter body and fitter mind .Stress and poor lifestyle affects the body’s ability to defend against bacteria and viruses.Affecting your ability to do your daily activities efficiently.
So here Yoga comes to the rescue which is known as the natural immunity booster.
Yoga  lowers our stress hormones, calms the mind and nervous system.
In the current situation Yoga is a way to naturally uplift your body and mind without having to step out of your house. You don’t have to wait for your group class to resume or wait for the gym to reopen. Just you and your mat and some motivation.
To have a fitter mind and body we need to maintain a healthy body and relaxed mind, build immunity and boost metabolism.
Yogic physical postures i.e Asanas will not only strengthen the muscles but also tone them, helps in digestion , massage the digestive organs and thus helps increase your metabolic rate.
Let us talk about asanas and its physical benefits:
Asanas increase Flexibility , strengthen the muscles and make them stronger .you cannot fight a battle without a stronger and fitter body. Yoga asanas work on each different parts of the body through different postures that you practice . Each posture is unique on its own and strengthens different muscle groups.
Listing a few asanas that strengthens your body.
1) Abdominal - The Boat Pose (Navasana)
2) Legs- Virabhadrasana II
3) Wrist, Arm- Chaturanga Dandasana
4) Hip, Neck, Shoulder- Ardha Matsyendrasana
5) Thigh, Inguinal region, Knee-Baddha Konāsana
6) Hamstring, Shoulder-Paschimottanasana
Now let’s understand the benefits of yoga to your mind and soul.
When it comes to mind the yogic breathing , Pranayama and Meditation plays vital role
The practice enables the practitioner to relax their mind by reducing stress and any kind of anxiety. Stress has become the most common problem in the current scenario, people are getting anxious due to the pandemic and trying to get back to their old routine and waiting for life to go back to normal but since this has been there for a long time now people are totally stressed and the work from home pressure has increased the stress to another level .
Stress leads to low energy levels ,headache and tense muscles and mainly affects your mood.
At some point in life every individual experiences some degree of stress and in the current situation stress is the most common problem every second person is going through .
Although many people manage to handle stress relatively well but most of us experience physical or Psychological symptoms.
It is very important to control the stress and let it not impact our mental peace to the extent that it starts showing any symptoms and starts affecting our well-being.
In Yoga we believe that the body and mind are one and connected.
So if your mind is affected it affects the body and vice versa.
How Yogic breathing and Pranayama helps
A regular daily practice of deep breathing is one of the best way to improve your lung capacity , maintain a healthy respiratory system and for overall well being
Pranayam makes efficient use of the diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles and strengthens the respiratory muscles and improves the respiratory endurance.
Listing the 2 most effective Pranayama for boosting immunity in the current situation.
1) Nadi Shodhan Pranayama| Alternate Nostril Breathing- This Pranayama facilitates proper functioning of the lungs and reduces stress.
The deep alternate nostril breathing calms and rejuvenates the nervous system.
This breathing involves deep , slow breathing and it does access the full capacity of the lungs and thus improves the respiratory health to a great extent.
2) Kapalbhati Pranayam- This breathing involves active exhalations and passive inhalation.This pranayama improves the nervous system , provides more oxygen in our blood through continuous powerful breathing.
Reduces stress and helps in overall well-being,it rejuvenates the brain cells and uplifts the mind.
Thus yoga is the key to wellness, yoga practice helps to strengthen and develop positive health and in the current situation staying fit and healthy is the best precaution and is the best way to fight against any virus.
Please note- Follow the do and don’ts of Asanas and Pranayama before you practice.


About the Author
Tanny Bhattacharjee is an Internationally Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher offering Prenatal Yoga class in Bangalore. She was rewarded with many fitness crown and brands and active since childhood in the stream of fitness and entirely focussed on spreading fitness awareness via Yoga. Her new fitness discovery is “FIT AND FABB” a platform where everyone can benefit from yoga.
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