Trust Faith & Spiritual Strength

Trust Faith & Spiritual Strength
23 December 2019

“Life is about the journey not the destination. Live in Heaven now. Don’t wait for it to come later. Live in Moksha now Don’t wait for death”. “ In this race of life where every one seeks instant gratification, forgetting the essence of humanity, we are some how losing the essence of a  truly enriching life. Focussing in the spiritual aspect and living in the self awarness with love compassion and gratitude is the key to a happy and blissful life.”


Our life journey address our karma. Collective Happenings for sensitive souls are either to remind them that they are on the right track, or that things will work out in their best interest when it seems its difficult as they are blessed and chosen ones.
We often get bent out of shape when something doesn’t work out for us, whether it’s love, or a job we didn’t get. It’s important to remember that you are being led to something better when unplanned or unwanted things happens in your life journey, something that is more suitable for you.
It’s hard to have faith that good things will happen when we don’t see what that next thing is, but in these times that we need faith the most. Relax, things will work out and be right themselves.
You are on the right track. Sometimes part of the right track involves feeling a bit lost, feeling like you don’t know what’s going to happen. Or conversely, perhaps you might be holding onto or have been clenching an idea of who you think you should be, or what you think you should be doing right now.
It’s important to release these notions sometimes, to remain open so something else can come in, something that works out better for us. Something we may not imagine on our own. Divinity is in play.
The great and gifted energy healer, Andrew Martin, talks about how important it is to live in the absence of desire. Intuitively, we know when we are up against a wall, because we want something and it’s not coming to pass, and we know there is a reason for it.
Just release, allow the universe to work its magic. Find where your energy wants to go instead, not where you think it should go. And then, TRUST.
The divine intervention reminds you that things will unfold and work out. You are on the right path. Just because something has not made itself immediately apparent to you doesn’t mean it won’t come, or get fixed, or if that doesn’t come at all, something better might.
On the contrary, trust that things are going to right themselves. If you don’t know which way to go in the meantime, just focus on what you can do that is practical. Take the time to think on where it is you want to go from here. Meditate & pray, try to find things that are self-nourishing to occupy your time. know your  potential your strong and weak points. Introspect, nourish your soul.
Know that sometimes when there are lulls, it’s the universe kind of forcing us to be creative in finding what we are grateful for in the moment. We can take solace in that, before what’s next lays itself in front of us.
If you are sensitive innocent emotional  soul you are guided by universe and divinity is taking care of you. You are on the right path.
When we hear the word “STRENGTH” we may conjure up an image of big muscles. However, we understand that strength is far more than a physical stamina and prowess alone. Life requires strong character when times are rough and spiritual strength.
A strong character finds resources to help any challenged situation and takes what is good and makes it grand. It gets stronger in harsh times and expands in easy times. It finds balance in receiving and giving to actualize all it can in this world.
When disappointments, hurts, and betrayals occur, it is easy to become cynical and weakened. A strong character finds inner and outer resources to address whatever happens. With a strong character, we come out ahead every single time.Strength requires patience, which comes with your inner spirituality.
Like building physical strength when you work out, building spiritual strength is similar but on the inside. Building your “spiritual strength” activates your spirit and connection to the divine from within, giving you the power you need to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.  Even though you already may be living a fulfilling life, your spiritual exercises will make life that much sweeter, better and satisfactorily rewarding. 
Generally we are carving out realities that benefit us as much in the carving as in the final outcomes. You are continuously utilizing all life brings to your benefit, thus to the benefit of others. This makes you vibrant, shining and well inside your heart.
With Spiritual Strength you can take all of life’s events non-personally. Preferred events encourage you to stay true to your deepest soul purpose. Non-preferred events are received as recyclable energy. You turn seemingly negative experiences into something extraordinarily good.
When you apply your Spiritual Strength to one area of your life, you gain more confidence in other areas. While you may excel in some aspects of living and feel less developed in others, your capacity to use Strength continuously builds more wisdom and success.
Are you good with utilizing pleasing and non-pleasing occurrences to your benefit? Are you good with sharing your rewards with others? This is the Strength. It does not come free of charge. Your choices and work-play have earned you the Strength you now draw on.
If you chose to view Strength as only a physical attribute, you are not honoring your capacity to develop your inner Strength, to overcome mental and emotional adversity. You are shrinking from, fleeing from, or fighting against circumstances instead of seeking happier possibilities.
When you are looking for the lesson and the opportunity in your situations, Strength is being well used. Just like the feeling after a physical workout, spiritual exercise allows your energy to flow more freely, and the feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and positivity will fill your being. Negative thoughts will be forgotten and negative experiences will diminish.  
Feel the positive goodness that is available with any variables. Dwell on Strength’s innate goodness and power to effect good.
May your happiest dreams be actualized & May your life be full of miracles!
Stay Blessed !