Tips for Marathon Why Running

Tips for Marathon Why Running
20 July 2019

By Jitendra Advani
Corporate Professional, Model, Actor, Writer, Social Worker, Fitness Enthusiast and Marathon Runner.


As a RUNNER, he has participated in 60 + Major Runs including 30 Half Marathons across India
Winner - Best Pacer Photograph contest 
Top Influencer for Super Sikh Run & Born2Run Half marathon
Official pacer for ADHM 2017, ADHM 2018, IDBI NDM 2019 and have successfully paced in 17 popular marathons across india.
He is an AMBASSADOR for many popular Marathons & Social cause events.
Founder of “Times Runners”, a Times of India employee’s running group.
Benefits of Running
Running is about perseverance. The best part of Running is that it doesn’t require a ton of equipment, you can run anywhere, anytime and its never the same. 
control your weight & trim your waistline
boast energy
lower your risk for a variety of lifestyle & serious diseases
Relieve stress, anxiety & depression thus boosting your mood and promoting better sleep
Improves your self-control and allows you to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy, positive way 
Regular Exercise and physical activity are a great way to keep healthy, look younger and live longer.
Tips for Regular Running
Regular Running is highly beneficial, and the earlier you start, the more profound the benefits will be as you would be able to prevent or reduce several chronic diseases. 
And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. Keep adding Logs to your fire within to remain Fit by following enclosed tips : 
Be Consistent
Follow an Effective Exercise Routine
Make Your Exercise Plan Fit Your Life
Buddy System for Support, Motivation and healthy Competition
Set Realistic Goals and Record your progress
Determine your weakest links and focus on them
Eat Well – Sleep Well
Tips for Marathon
Before Run
1. Carb loading - Eat all carbs diet two days prior to run. Eat simple, light and on time. Eat Light breakfast 2 hrs before run.
2. Hydrate Frequently – Start drinking plenty of water, coconut water, ORS etc. four days prior to run.
3. Don’t try anything new or unusual on race day – Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Food,  Energy Gels etc. Wear comfortable and previously used shoes, gear, accessories etc.
4. Be ready - Make sure you organize your running gear and keep it handy on evening before race day – bib, clothes, accessories, shoe, energy gels, sunscreen, watch, bib pins etc.
5. Apply Vaseline or Anti Chafing cream in sensitive areas like toes, heels, nipples etc. to avoid damaging or soreness of skin due to rubbing, to prevent discomfort and blisters during running.
6. Make sure your toe nails are trimmed few days prior to run.
7. Avoid long run or heavy workout two days prior to run.
8. Sleep well – Start sleeping well two days before the marathon as usually nervousness restrict your sleep on marathon evening.
9. Stay calm, relaxed & focused. Strategies your pacing plan.
10. Reach the venue one hour prior to the race start time to avoid last minute anxiety, so that you have sufficient time for queuing up for parking, entry to holding area, baggage counter, wash room etc.
11. Be environment friendly, have a litter free race by dropping your empty Water Bottles, Tetra Pak,  Energy Gel sachets, empty Food packets & Wrappers in designated Bins.
During Run 
1. Warmup before the run – Do about 15 minutes of dynamic stretches & light aerobic exercise (walking lunges, jumping jacks, opposite toe touches etc.) 
2. Start slow, stick to your pacing plan and don’t try to match your pace with other runners to avoid burn out.
3. Hydrate before you feel thirsty. 
4. Fuel before you feel hungry - If you know you get hungry when you are running, do carry a couple of gels for nutrition while running. Don’t try any thing new.
5. Listen to your body - At any point of time during run if you get seriously injured or feel adversely unusual, don’t push too hard and think twice before continuing to run. Sometimes quitting is not a sin but wise. Don’t hesitate to ask for medical help, if you really do need it.
6. Stay focused! Calm ! Smiling ! Enjoy your journey during run and float strong to finish line.
7. Do Remember throughout run that PAIN is temporary, PRIDE is forever.
After Run
1. Cool down post Run – Walk around slowly and do post run stretches.
2. If you are feeling Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps or anything unusual; ask volunteers & friends to take you to medical center.
3. If you have pushed too hard and are experiencing sourness & pain (muscles & joints) visit the recovery zone. 
4. Consume small meals and hydrate yourself immediately before you celebrate the victory and follow the same for the rest of day.
5. Diet – Include rich Protein & Vitamin C food in your meal to help your muscles repair & recover.
6. A day after the marathon, to ease the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) get a gentle massage, use foam roller, stretch your sore muscles and do a short recovery run. 
Believe in yourself, remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Running a marathon is an incredible experience, be proud of your achievement. The energy of the day will inspire and motivate you, it may just be an experience you will never forget.