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Sonali swami

46 AGE
12-2-1978 Date of Birth
5' 1 HEIGHT(ft.)
54 WEIGHT (kg)
Women's Fitness CATEGORY
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Sonali swami BIOGRAPHY

Weight off season and competition weight - 54 season it's 52

Education - Hotel Mgmt graduate

Occupation - Instructor fr Zumba,Bokwa,TRX Suspension,Bollywood aerobics

Language spoken - HINDI N English

Contest history - Won first FIT FACTOR INDIA in Body Expo 2014

Fav supplements - Gold standard whey ON

Fav workout - Back n Biceps

Why you love bodybuilding - It gives u confidence ,makes u look million dollar n gives u a platform to motivate others

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Biography Description

Give us a typical diet in a day? - B/f-Egg what omelet n oats

Snack-any fruit

Lunch-non veg, veggies n brown rice

Snack-whole wheat sandwich


Fav. Cheat food - Chocolatessss

What kind of music u listen when u workout - My Zumba music

Who is ur fav bodybuilder? - No one in particular..admire dem all fr thr hardwork

Whats ur diet n workout plans ? - I eat right food at d right time

How much time do u spend in gym - Two muscle grp in one day , 2-3 hrs

Any think about urself that might surprise our readers - That m 42 n mom of 2 school going kids  n a trained KATHAK DANCER

What nutrition plan fueled your body - D proper diet n my ON supplements HELPED ME ACHIEVE MY GOAL

Where did u go for inspiration - I knew I had it in me..Just shed the inhibition n it WORKED

What are your future bodybuilding plans - M training g fr nxt comp  n want to compete at international level

Few words for all indian fitness fans -  it's NEVER TOO LATE...If u want it that bad......JUST GO FOR IT



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