The Magic Of Breath

The Magic Of Breath
20 November 2019

By Amrita Lohia
In our last edition we discussed about how and why Breathing helps an individual in his/her overall well being.


We all know the importance of breath as even a minute without breath can take away lives so why not use the Magic of Breath to the fullest ...
So here in the part 2 this time we will be talking about SHEETALI PRANAYAM The word itself is self explanatory means Cooling. It is that pranayam which not only reduces the stress and calms the mind but it also helps in reducing the Blood Pressure and this particular Pranayam is extremely beneficial for Hyperabidity or Ulcers.
This Sheetali Pranayam’s main purpose is to simply help in reducing the body temperature which may lead to a very positive effect on the Endocrine glands and the entire nervous system. As per few books of Yog- Sheetali pranayam helps in removing excess heat accumulated in the system which in returns helps an individual to look more attractive and young, it reduces the excess bile, corrects the disorder of spleen and works on fever too. Sheetali Pranayam also helps in improving control over hunger and thirst. Though this pranayam has a calming effect on the entire nervous system, it especially helps in the stimulation of the Parasympathetic nervous system which induces the muscular relaxation leading to relieving stress away. Hence merely 10 minutes of practice will lead to a better ds-tressed and relaxed body and mind.
Simply sit relaxed in Padmasan/Siddhasan/Sukhasan with palms in gyan Mudra, for those who can’t band their knees due to any knee related issue can also sit on chair and practise.
• Extend the tongue outside the mouth.
Roll the sides of the tongue forming pipe or tube like shape.
Inhale through the pipe like rolled tongue.
Once the inhalation is completed, draw the tongue in and exhale with the nose mouth closed.
Repeat atleast five rounds and keep increasing this along with the duration.
• Should be avoided in winters.
Should be practised in a clean and hygienic environment.
People with low blood pressure should be careful as practising this will bring the BP more lower.
Patients with acute cough and cold, asthma or bronchitis should not practise this at all.
Heart patients can practise but without holding breath.
So simply feel the bliss in your body and mind with simple Pranayam practice. 
Stay tuned for more Pranayam Subtle but highly effective and beneficial practices.