Know Your Thyroid Functioning Without Blood Tests

Know Your Thyroid Functioning Without Blood Tests
10 July 2019

By Tamandeep Nagpal
As many of you know, its prime hormone of body functioning. Thyroid gland is located in neck and its daily production is 0.001 of an ounce, yet it affects all our body cells. 


The main function of thyroid is to regulate the rate of metabolism in most bodily cells, especially the rate at which they utilise energy and synthesis proteins. Both thyroid and growth HOMRONES must be present in sufficient amounts for normal growth to occur.
Complete profile of Thyroid contains
Triiodthyroine (T3)
And to Stimulate thyroid hormone, a pitutatry hormone comes in that is TSH, which is known as thyroid stimulating hormone.
This is the information which generally most of the people have.
The main thing which is to be addressed today is, kind of thyroid disfunctioning can be diagnosed with blood tests and which cant be diagnosed.
T4 is non active form of thyroid which is majorly converted into active form that is T3 by liver. Calcitonin regulate calcium levels of body.
TSH stimulates Thyroid hormone and it itself don’t play role as T3 or T4. Now point of discussion is in order to scan Thyroid profile all these parameters need to be considered. Hypothyroidism is medical condition when T3 and T4 are not being produced at optimal levels. Hyperthyroidism is when they are over produced.
In many cases if TSH increases by slight value, its being diagnosed as hypothyroidism. On other hand if you will see T3 or T4 profile it is at optimal levels.
Point of concern is treatment is for TSH or thyroid hormones!
Now apart from this the other thing which needs to be highlighted, are the cases in which you will find everything optimal in blood tests. Still their body thus not respond to thyroid. In simple words body cells might be not able to use Thyroid hormone, you can say thyroid hormones resistance just like insulin resistance.
So in this is condition the blood thyroid levels are optimal and when you will go to medical practitioner and he will do thyroid test, nothing will be diagnosed.
So what can be done???
You can do a Basic temperature test in order to find status of thyroid functioning. It’s more reliable than blood tests. Body temperature is directly related to thyroid activity 98.6F is the ideal temperature at which all body’s biochemical reactions function most efficiently. At a temperature above or below this norm, chemical messengers become inactive and no longer precisely fit the receptor sites they are intended to activate. A shift in temperature of only a fraction of degree can have a significant effect on degree of ‘fit’ between enzyme and substrate, neurotransmitter and receptor, hormone and target cell, antibody and foreign protein.
BTT requires taking underarm temperature, first thing in the morning before arising, when the entire body is at complete rest. In absence of starvation (which reduces body temperature) and acute fever (which raises it), the BTT is most effective single measurement we have for finding thyroid dysfunctioning. If used alone, it is probably over 85% reliable. When combined with symptoms surveys (such as above), reliability approaches 100%. In other words if a person has low BTT reading, then hypothyroidism is almost certain. There are few symptoms which makes it more precise.
Emotions: certain negative ones. 
“I never get do what I want to do”
Cry easily
Dislike working under pressure
Dislike being watched
Mental depression
Mood swings
Low self esteem
Physiological condition for hypothyroidism:
Muscle stiffness in morning.
Feel stiff after sitting for long.
Heart seems to miss beats.
Muscle cramps worse at night.
Start slow in morning, gain speed by afternoon.
Motion sickness while travelling.
Cold hands or feet.
Prefer warm temperature.
Sleeplessness, restlessness.
Poor short term memory.
Poor response to exercising.
Dimished sex drive.
Gain weight easily.
Low pulse rate.
Low blood pressure.
Puffiness on face or eyes.
Food allergies/ sensitivities.
So there are many parameters in order to check before diagnosing hypo or hyper thyroid functioning.
Hope it helps.
And there are many nutritional approaches which can help in regulate Thyroid levels optimaly. Or you can even boost utilisation of thyroid hormone by cells. You just need right professional to guide you on that.