7 Keys to Successful Ageing

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    • BodyPower’sFitness Model Hunt ‘FitFactor India’ Concludes in Mumbai Successfully after its Nine City Tour across India

      By fitnessguru
      Qualifier Get a Life Time Opportunity to Compete at Asia’s largest Fitness, Sports & Bodybuilding Expo, and The BodyPower Expo 2016 India’s biggest fitness model hunt ‘FitFactor India’ – Auditions took cities; Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore andMumbai by storm.Starting 3rd October, the team embarked on a nine city tour for premier fitness Read More »


      By Ayan Dutta
      As a bodybuilder, at some point you’ll be asked whether you want to use exogenous anabolic substances to boost your muscle gains. Research tells us that the vast majority of gym goers choose to remain drug-free. But just because you’re not juicing up doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your muscle gains. In fact, there are Read More »
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      Do you need to take Supplements..? YES

      By fitnessguru
      Good nutrition is just as important as exercise for your good health. What’s more, athletic workouts, distance running, and body building all put your body through punishment that you need extra nutrition to repair. Protein Hard, vigorous exercise damages your muscles and puts stress on your bones. “No pain, no gain,” the saying goes, but Read More »