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    • The iron man milind soman at the fitindia launch event…

      By fitnessguru
      Technology is meant in an ideal world to make us better people.  To help us to achieve the best we can in all spheres, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Unfortunately, we are misusing technology and this has had an ill effect on the health of people. An example is AMERICA, 2/3rd of the population is either overweight Read More »
    • The Importance Of Right Nutrition

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      The following needs to be kept in mind CARBOHYDRATES Carbs are one of the most important macro nutrient, which provide us instant energy, fuel our brain and fuels the muscle to perform.  In the last few years our consumption of refined carbohydrates has increased manifold, which is something to worry about. This increase in the Read More »
    • Words of wisdom sam bedi the need for a campaign like fitindia, in a developing country like india.

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      From a global company standpoint, Glanbia has the benefit of seeing trends around the world. One of those trends is the increasing incidence of non-communicable lifestyle disorders brought about through poor nutrition and inactive lifestyles. In many of the 100 odd markets around the world where our products sell, this is certainly the case. India Read More »