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Home Biceps & Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms

Home Biceps & Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms

Most of us are locked inside our home amidst this pandemic. It’s been around four months of this lockdown; gyms are closed nationwide and workout has become a major problem of fitness freaks.


 In case you are also wondering how to do biceps and triceps workout at home that too without any equipment, then here we have an expert guide Mr. Yatinder Singh for you.
In this article we will be talking about the following six exercises:
1. Standing Towel Curl
2. Back Dips
3. Bucket Preacher Curl
4. Bodyweight Triceps Extension
5. Seated Towel Curl
6. Diamond Push-Ups
These exercises are sure to make you feel good post work out. If you are someone very dedicated and work out correctly it is sure to fetch you benefits. 
Let’s take a look at the first two exercises one for biceps and triceps each. 
1. Standing Towel Curl – 4 Sets 15 Reps
For this biceps exercise, you will require a bucket filled with water and a towel. The way you make use of dumbles in the gym the same way you have to use a towel at home along with a bucket. It is advisable that instead of using heavy water loads, take less water and perform more repetitions, in a controlled motion. Begin by taking the towel and hold the bucket in a way that there are equal towel halves on both sides. Hold the towel grip from a little low and pull up the bucket above till the chest level. Also, ensure that there is enough gap between the leg wide open. 
The bucket might touch your stomach while doing so. So, a better alternative is to bend a little from the pelvic bone side. Perform several repetitions - lift the bucket, squeeze your biceps, and breathe out. Also, ensure not to swing the bucket.
2.    Back Dips – 4 Sets 15 Reps
For this exercise, you need a sturdy stool, bench, or chair. Keep your arms wide making a 90-degree angle on both sides. Bend down to touch the ground with hips and lift your body. Try taking the body pressure on the triceps. Perform the same with 15 repetitions in 4 sets.


3. Bucket Preacher Curl – 3 Sets 15 Reps (Each Hand)
For this bicep exercise fill the bucket with water. Keep one hand spare and place with on the stomach so that the fist of that hand lands below the elbow of the working hand. This will help in restricting the elbow motion. Also, bend a little from the pelvic bone and begin. Hold your body tight and perform the exercise. 
Once you are done with 15 reps using the right hand perform the same using the left hand and so on without any break.
4. Body Triceps Extension – 3 Sets 15 Reps 
Lit on the knees bend low and place your hand up in the front with the wrist on the ground flat. The elbow should be perpendicularly below your shoulders. Then stretch out the legs and take the position of a plank. With the pressure on your wrist, lift your body till your triceps squeeze properly.
5. Seated Towel Curl – 3 Sets of 20 Reps
This exercise is a mix of curl grip and hammer grip. You need a sturdy stool to lean your back against and a towel. Place the towel in the middle of your feet and hold the two halves of the towel both hands. Perform the curls and maintain the force using your feet accordingly. Keep the chest tight, and let your biceps stretch properly. After 10 reps using curl grip, change the grip to hammer grip and perform the same. Do the same with your other leg.
6. Diamond Push Up – 3 Sets of 15 Reps
This is one of the best exercises for triceps. Place your wrist on the ground so that it makes a triangular closure. Take the lank position now. Begin doing plank this way and the elbows will stretch out every time you bend forward. Complete three sets with 15 reps each.
Stay motivated and consistent and you will achieve the physique you always have dream of.

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