What the heck is a Celebrity Dietician/Trainer ?

What the heck is a Celebrity Dietician/Trainer ?
01 August 2019

By Akshay Chopra
Frome quite some time I have been questioning the meaning of the self-made term “celebrity dietician” or a “celebrity trainer”. I tried to ask a number of people what does this mean, the answer almost always comes out is that because they train or consult a movie actor or actress.


Well then why is someone consulting a scientist, or an engineer, or a doctor, or a defence services personnel not called a scientist dietician, doctor trainer, or a defence dietician ? 
Let’s get the point straight here, there is nothing called as a ‘celebrity dietician’ or a ‘celebrity trainer’, the same way there is nothing called as Crossfit. You cannot label anything just to sell it. By the virtue of the fact that a person in the fitness and nutrition industry, stays in a city which has more of actors and actresses staying nearby, doesn’t make him special in any way. The challenge is not to train celebrities who have all the time and resources in the world and are motivated to do so because their entire profession depends on being fit and looking good.
The real challenge is to train:
• Housewives who need motivation to even move and have never even entered a gym in their lives.
• Working men and women, who have neck breaking fourteen to sixteen hour workdays, which include the super irritating traffic jams, and still inspire them to stay fit and healthy.
• People suffering from multiple medical issues who need special focus and care. 
• Professional sportsmen, whose life depends on their achievement in their sport. 
• Injury rehab cases etc. 
Surely there are number of great coaches who train actors and actresses, but they also train plethora of other individuals and don’t brag about it. 
Anyone who gets the label of a celebrity dietician, which is a self-made label, starts charging insane amount of money from their clients. Celebrities, on the other hand, are the worse source of advice, well on virtually any topic, except their own profession. In a society foolishly obsessed with wannabe celebrities and their lives. These celebrities are in a business of looking good, but have no idea about the science behind it. 
First advice for everyone, NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM CELEBRITIES, at least in health and fitness genre, barring very few who are really fit and have had a sports background. Their stupid philosophies will do you more harm than good and in most cases, they are there to sell you products for which they are heavily paid. These celebrities have no idea what they are selling under their name, all they want is the money. Celebrities are ready to endorse any product they can make money on. They have no idea what they are eating or workout they are doing. It’s like a person who enters the gym and starts training and in six months, start advising people on how to be a coach. 
 A nutritionist is a nutritionist, and a coach is a coach, irrespective of whom they consult or train. Helping a politician get fit, won’t label him as a political trainer. So, if you are training or consulting someone who by profession works in the entertainment industry, doesn’t make you a celebrity trainer or dietician. It just makes your ego skyrocket, for no damn reason. 
What these dieticians are trainers are expert is on transformation by hook or crook. Almost every celebrity you see developing a six pack, is on a heavy dose of steroids and growth hormones. Most actresses suddenly losing tons of weight are on massive crash diet, and are taking diuretics and crappy fat burners, because they cannot risk their endorsements getting cancelled with their overweight look. 
These actresses are fainting, crying, suffering from emotional disorders, depressions, primarily because of the unrealistic diet and workout schedules they follow to just look good in camera. They are nowhere even close to being healthy. 
If you see them in real without layers of makeup, you will be terrified. Most of them are plastic filled, makeup laden, anorexic mannequins. They don’t even look human. Going under the knife for them is like going to the gym every day. They are extremely dumb and there are people ready to make money out of their dumbness. Be it cosmetic surgeons, dieticians, hair stylists or trainers. 
Do not believe what these coaches and celebrities themselves tell you about their transformations. It’s a straight lie on your face in most cases. They tell this because they have no one to counter question them. Celebrities telling you that a particular kind of diet helped them transform are lying, or have no idea what helped them. Actors telling you they spend five to six hours in the gym are just stupid. World’s best athletes don’t spend over 60-90min in the gym. 
You are more attracted to headlines or videos with titles:
• Bollywood fitness secrets
• ‘X’ actress shares their transformation plan
• Workout to get six packs like ‘X’ actor
• What your favourite actress ‘X’ eats in a day
• How much carbs to have in a day to get body like ‘X’ actress
Except for the fact that all these are total bullshit titles which have no meaning and are just designed for marketing. Have you seen anyone making a video titled “play like Ronaldo in two days”, or “become world champion swimmer overnight by this trick”. No, because we know that world class performances take decades of work and extremely favourable genetics. So what made you think, you can transform yourself overnight by some magic formula by a stupid dietician or trainer on YouTube ? 
Let me give you an example that I often give to my clients who believe in these dumb celebrities. How many kids in a class score over 90%? Not more than 5-7%. What about the rest? Are they having different books or some special teachers? Is the school secretly teaching them something different, or is the education system conspiring against the weaker students? Or is the kid born intelligent ? These are some of the common excuses a kid gives when asked why are they not getting good grades. But what’s the answer? The answer is simple and plain, deep and hard work and pain, which other kids are not ready to go through. 
That’s true for every field in your life. You cannot, simply cannot achieve anything worthwhile in your life without deep painful blood, sweat and tears. Just like the kids who don’t score good grades, most people also give themselves excuses and search for shortcuts and overnight therapies outside. To get a strong fit body, you need years of dedicated practice in the gym. You need to eat adequate and clean and get ample recovery and sleep time. Rest everything is just fad.