A Men's Physique Athlete from New Delhi

A Men's Physique Athlete from New Delhi
10 January 2019

Varun Malhotra
29 years old. A Men's Physique Athlete from New Delhi.


Some of my credentials include:
1st place in many state championships (more than 4 times) &  2 Silver Medals in Sr. Nationals (IBBFF) as well; 
In Jan, 2017 at Bodypower Expo, I won 3rd Place in Muscle Model Category at Jerai (which was then associated with The WBFF); 
In April, 2017 I had won Gold Medal at Delhi State Championship & Silver Medal at the Sr. Nationals (IBBFF) in the Men's Physique Division;
I've also represented India at Amateur Olympia which took place in October 2017;
In March, 2018 I won Gold again in the Delhi State Championship and Silver Medal at Sr. Nationals (IBBFF). 
I've also won Gold Medal in Men's Physique Division at Boss Classic 2018 (March, 2018) and was presented with The Excellence in Coaching Awarded.
In Bodybuilding Since - 2013
Training Pattern - Single body part a day
Which is My Favorite Exercise -  Back (Chin-Ups, Seated-Rowing, Dead-lifts); and Legs (Squats & Leg Press, both are my favorite)
My struggle - Leaving my marketing job (managerial-level) & was convincing my parents that i wanted to take up bodybuilding as a full-time profession. 
For me Success is  accomplishing the goals that i have set up for myself and also making my family proud.
My Idols - Frank Zane, Bob Paris, Francis Benfatto. All of them are old-school bodybuilding legends.
My Strengths 
Discipline - Following the same Pattern again & again each day which is not at all easy. Eat-Sleep-Train-Repeat
Dedication  - Its one of the most important thing in this sport. You need to be dedicated to the game if you want to play it. If you're not dedicated you're as good as dead(Literally!)
My Goals
Currently my goal is to win the IFBB pro-card & thereafter represent India at the Mr. Olympia Stage in the Men's Physique Division.
In the beginning, bodybuilding was just about lifting weights and increasing muscle mass, while also trying to get fit and healthy. However, as I became more and more consistent with my lifting, I discovered techniques for making gym visits and working out for long hours each night more doable. I found out how to take those techniques and conquer other aspects of my life and my inner self, as well. Working out is not easy. What you aim to achieve while working out goes against everything your body tries to prevent you from doing (exerting yourself, losing fat, etc.). With that said, you try to find ways to make it so you can come in and have a great workout every day in the most efficient way possible without making yourself want to quit. As you see the gains you try to make become harder and harder to come by, you also constantly try to find new ways, or enhance old methods more and more to keep achieving success.
As I became more involved with these realities, and as I kept using techniques that catered to my personality or contributed to success in my hobby, I realized I had found ways to attack other aspects of my life. I learned how to stick to a plan, and how to be consistent with things and endure the journey to finding success in something. I learned how to push myself, even when I didn't want to do something. What I had been doing with bodybuilding and working out instilled within me the knowledge of how I think and operate while trying to master something, as well as the steps necessary for mastering the other aspects of my life.