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Best Workout For Periods

Best Workout For Periods

By Gunjan Gupta
It’s a common myth that working out in your periods is a bad idea .However, there is no scientific reason to skip a workout when one is having the mensturation cycle. Physically you can do the same things that one engages in on a daily basis and it will not have any negative impact.Yes, the mood swings can’t be outruled, and you may not feel like doing the workout or feel lethargic in general.


Some Basic Myths
Myth 1 You will get tired easily.
Myth 2 Its better to skip certain yoga poses .
Myth 3 There is nothing you can do to control your athletic program.
Myth 4 Working out with a heavy flow could make you pass out.
Myth 5 Working out makes you more likely to leak.
Being a pro athlete I want to share , that hormonal fluctuation throughout your cycle can affect your fitness. Your energy level, strength, stamina and respond to exercise can be affected during periods. If you want to maximise the benefit of exercise, listen to your body and sync your workout to your cycle . You may just end up feeling better.
Strength Training
Your estrogen level are at their lowest during your periods.
So,low power strength training and power based activities is a smart move . Exercise is extremely beneficial to decrease the menstrual cramps because it increases the blood flow that will help ease out the pain.
Here are some tips to keep your body active and healthy during periods
Light Walking or other Light Cardio
Low volume Strength Training
Yoga and Pilates
Keep your body hydrated
Do stretching
Diet with leafy greens, vitamins and minerals