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RHINOS GYM is undoubtedly the best in the industry. What makes this wonderful property even more appealing is the innovation and efforts of the owners at the Shalimar Bagh branch, thus making it a quintessential experience for all. Apart from the state-of-the art infrastructure, the best of equipment and meticulous administration. 


what is most appreciable is the progressive attitude of the very dynamic Mr Sumeet Sethi and Chirag Manglani. Mr Sumeet refers to his members as his ‘extended family’ and is often seen appreciating them on the social media as well, and is constantly on the go interacting with them and planning activities for all. Mr Kuwar Gursehaj keenly looks into the organization and ensures that the client satisfaction is met.It is exemplary. They ensure that the tiniest of moments, the best of days, the birthdays are made special. This makes these momentous and leaves memories to cherish.
A special initiative, to lure and encourage the woman folk especially during the off hours, wherein most of the gyms are empty, and hardly see any crowd. A complete schedule of innovative activities has been drafted with specialists for each activity. They have also started a concept of a HEALTH KITTY. Surprisingly interesting as it may sound, this has given a new meaning to the popular concept of ladies kitty. The womenfolk gather and have their fitness session together, wherein small challenges are planned for them which seek active participation, this is followed by a healthy meal together. 
The concept has gathered much appreciation and has also encouraged the camaraderie amongst the members, keeping the fun quotient alive. This initiative has seen a lot of new members and women join the gym. 
The BLOOD DONATION CAMP at RHINOS was organized in association with Pitam Pura Blood Donation Camp . The members and staff participated wholeheartedly in this nobel cause. The total number of the people who donated blood crossed almost 100, thereby setting an example for many to come. Complete care was taken as in terms of medical, hygiene and other aspects.
“I am amazed at the excellent arrangements done, and the way the whole camp has been conducted and organized.Proud to be a aprt of such a noble cause.”
“Its always nice to see the various activities planned for RHINOERS and it makes me feel overwhelmed that they have taken up such a wonderful cause”
“We are glad to see the participation of our esteemed members. Such community involvement makes the gymming experience much more meaningful ! It’s a family !”
NAARI, DEVI -BETI , and amidst all the epithets given to a woman, the most important is acknowledging the presence of the female energy. Since ages this saga has continued and to reckon the spirit, RHINOS had planned a wonderful celebration to make the women community feel all the more special.
A badminton match was organized for the women and the highlight of the day was a theatre performance by ASMITA THETRE GROUP….which left everyone spellbound.
With the activities and innovations that are being done, words are not enough for the efforts of the management. They are not only promoting fitness and building relationships…they are touching lives !!!


In view of the current scenario of COVID-19, the RHINOERS scared it away rather than being scared, and got onto a cleanliness and sanitization drive, where many volunteers and enthusiastic members joined the staff and trainers to do their bit. RHINOS has also been following the basics about using a sanitizer, a mask, and shoes for the gym. 
Personal involvement with the community can change the facet of even a not so enjoyable task into a fun activity,Hats Off RHINOS!!
”A SENITISATION DRIVE can be a fun activity- this is what I experienced at RHINOS. And yes, I love the spirit, don’t be scared, rather SCARE THE CORONA.”
“BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY, although paramount care is taken of the cleanliness at the gym,but this extra effort  to sanitise each and every part of the gym, which has seen a participation of so many members is an experience I will always cherish.”
“Celebrating VALENTINES DAY in the gym with my spouse was a truly unique and wonderful experience for me. The whole gym and the atmosphere was of love, and the music, and arrangements were in sync for the spirit of the day. A thoroughly enjoyable moment.”
“Yes, it’s a special day for everyone, yet getting to celebrate it with my partner in the gym was a unique experience. Such gestures bring in togetherness and I’m appreciative of this.Reinforces our COUPLEGOALS !