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Rhinos Gym Shalimar Bagh Launch

Rhinos Gym Shalimar Bagh Launch

The magnificient hub of FITNESS- the biggest gym fitness destination in Delhi, had a most innovative, energetic and lively launch on the 27 july 2019. Rhinos Gym, a brand launched by the Fitline group, had opened its doors to public on the 1 June 2019.


Within no time, the gym has already had more than 500 members, and still counting.
The facilities, ambience, state of the art machinery and variety in fitness catering to a huge crowd with varied interests is the USP of the gym.
More than the facilities, and infrastructure, the aspect that makes it most distinctive is the personal touch and care that has been bestowed upon the members, and in such a short span of time, they feel more than comfortable and involved with the gym.
Maintaining strict professionalism, but with complete ease and grace, stands tall the very dynamic owner- Sumeet Sethi. “Out of the box thinking has been a way of life for me, and I always ensure that I excel in whatever I do. God has been kind, and with the blessings of Wahe Guru and my dear family members, we are successful in this endeavor.”
A normal launch would generally see :
Unbelievable but true!
The launch of RHINOS had only one focus - FUN, AND WORKOUT, while it also nourished togetherness, harmony and blessings from all involved.
Says Chirag Manglani, partner in Rhinos - “The clients were involved at every stage and we valued their inputs and suggestions. The activities were planned inaccordance with a few members, and we welcomed and incorporated their suggestions whole heartedly.”
The day started with the HOLY ARDAAS, and blessings of lord almighty, and the elders. This was followed by - A BRIDAL AND ETHNIC WEAR FASHION SHOW, amidst the runway of gym, A BHANGRA DANCE PERFORMANCE by the kids of a few clients, and LIVE DHOL were a few of the many highlights of the day.
The day was enthused with activities, sprawling over the 20,000 square feet gym, wherein the decoration was chic, celebrating the spirit of fitness, fun and freedom. 
The day also witnessed the launch of an Indian Ethnic wear collection - RITAM, Mahalaxmi Textiles, by Ruchita Batra. It was indeed a sheer delight to watch the models dressed in bridal and ethnic wear, amidst the workout section. 
The dance performance by the kids of the clients was truly enjoyed and appreciated by one and all. Who would have wondered that a launch would provide so much of opportunity and platform to ample talent around.


The LIVE DHOL was a much talked about feat, and enhanced the energy levels of people manifold. It was endearing to see the staff, the trainers, the guests, family members, all enjoy and celebrate at the same time. The dhol walas, played to the bests even encouraging the people who were amidst their workouts- making the reps at the beat and vice-versa…. A truly fun moment indeed.
A kitty of snacks was served and the party continued throughout the day, when the evening saw the CROSSFIT SECTION, turn into a mini disc, with coloured lights, and the guests left their inhibitions outside, and mingled and swayed on the groovy numbers.
A unique launch, that shall be remembered by many, and has been exemplary for many reasons.
A meticulously planned day, which came across as if it was so much in ease, yet had all the features that an aggressive event would, needless to say immense effort has gone into it, and that’s what is the USP , added Kunwar Sethi, the strength of Rhinos .
Hardwork, dedication and commitment has its rewards, definitely so….but what  gets you more success and true happiness is the way you touch the hearts of people….