How Group Classes Can Help Gyms/Fitness Clubs Grow

How Group Classes Can Help Gyms/Fitness Clubs Grow
10 April 2019

By Vinay Sangwan
The ultimate aim for which people join fitness facilities is to get fit and healthy and for them to achieve their target, fitness clubs try their best to keep them motivated. 


One of the best fitness experience clubs can offer in today’s time is connecting clients using group dynamics.Many gyms are now moving towards having more and more group classes. Open spaces and functional training spaces have become the need of the hour today. Group dynamics not only helps in member retention but also keeps the members stay motivated. Group classes brings variety that alleviates boredom. Any group fitness activity attracts larger numbers, drives regular rhythm, increases engagement, retains the members for longer and increases referrals too.
Gyms before introducing with the group workout concept must ensure that there is enough space and right environment to provide to its members. The agenda must be clear, precise and pre-scheduled. The instructor appointed for the group class must be able to engage all the members and make the session as interactive as possible. Most of all the class should be fun for both trainer and the members.
Some of the tips for one to drive group classes more effectively can be:
Starting the class with a teaser of what is coming next as start and end of any group class has the greatest impact
Announcing a surprise element for the end to keep everyone engaged until the end
Setting the theme for the class of the day to keep everyone focused
Asking everyone to adjust to the exercise levels and intensity suiting to their body
Add a personal touch, maybe remember some names and call out
Finish well and on a high note so that you have an everlasting impression
For the clients to return, leave them with a teaser for the next class
Finally showing gratitude to all and collecting feedback
With so many clubs and fitness concepts emerging every day, the competition is also increasing. Need of the hour is to keep reinventing. Group classes can be more fun by adding variety, introducing different tools, new music etc. Group connects in the form of Boot camps, fitness mornings, organizing cricket leagues etc are being organized by clubs all around the world.
Clubs can also introduce concepts like competing with your peers, rewarding individual/group achievements, time based challenges like a weekly/monthly milestone etc. This brings in a sense of belongingness to the facility. The more rapport members build with one another, the more they’ll be incentivized to stay with your club to workout with their friends.
With such fast pace life, people often do not get time to connect with new people and clubs can be a great platform for them to meet and make new friends. Many group classes like Bodypump, Zumba, Yoga, bodycombat, HIIT, masala bhangra, functional training etc. have helped clubs in achieving the desired results for their members promoting a positive environment for clients to stick around for longer. So why not cash on the opportunity today and unite the clients for greater impact!