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Team Universal's Visit To India

Team Universal's Visit To India

UNIVERSAL SUPPLEMENTS world’s largest sports nutrition has successfully running its distribution and operations in the Indian subcontinent for about 20 years. The complete distribution and network is managed by Shri Balaji OVERSEAS India is one of the main importers of the brand in the world and has a wonderful and large distribution network in the country. 


It is primarily the efforts of Mr Nitin Aggarwal that the brand has reached this value in the Indian subcontinent.
Ms Claudia, sales director and Mr Gary sr.sales manager from UNIVERSAL were on a 7 day visit to India wherein they had a series of events to attend that were planned by Sri Balaji. 
Dealers and Distributors meet 2019 
The grand welcome was organised at a premier location and one of the best properties in Delhi - hotel Radison Blu Paschim Vihar. 
The event started with a ceremonial Indian welcome of the pious tilak, the red vermillion powder that is applied on the forehead as a felicitation to the guests.This was followed by an invocation to the lord almighty, by lighting the lamp. They were greeted with beautiful garlands made of the sunflowers, roses and fragrant flowers, to spread the good wishes around.
Both Claudia and Gary were presented with traditional Indian headgear - the pagdi-which is also called the turban as it is called. It was a beautiful momentous welcome that was appreciated by one and all. 
The agenda of the visit was to meet and interact with the dealers and distributors, enlighten about the product range, focus and information sharing sharing on manufacturing, Highlight the focus on quality , discuss the marketing strategies, initiate an education and learning program in India.
There is exponential growth in the market for sports nutrition in India. Amongst the range of universal nutrition products too, the ANIMAL range is immensely popular.
“We had a wonderful experience in our visit to India. We were very glad to meet the dealers, distributors and also the other events organized for us have been very meaningful. We are looking forward to some great expansion plans in the subcontinent”
Ms. Claudia Kinney
Sales Director
“Our experience in India was amazing. It was especially nice to meet Nitin and the entire Agarwal family since we have been doing business with them for over 20 years.   We were extended such warm hospitality and I will have that memory for the rest of my life. I was also especailly excited to see the interest for Universal/Animal products in India.  After our visit we are now more familiar with the market place and our customers so that we are better aligned to move forward in the future.”


Mr. Gary Sacks, Sr. Sales Manager
A panel discussion was organized which was moderated by MS JINNIE GOGIA CHUGH, BRAND AMBASSADOR of UNIVERSAL in India.
The panelists were MR NITIN, MR Vipin from Sri Balaji, MR GARY, MS CLAUDIA and Ms Jinnie Gogia Chugh, who also moderated the panel discussion. The panel discussion was focused on the expansion of UNIVERSAL SPORTS NUTRITION in India, the upcomimg outreach program and the distribution chain mechanism.There was a session of interaction with the media, wherein many online channels and BODY & STRENGTH, IFITMASH interacted with the UNIVERSAL TEAM. 
FITNESSGURU was the official media partner for the event. The media was keen to know about the products range, demand and the expansion plans of UNIVERSAL in India.
The team was glad to interact and share about this with the media.
An informative and wonderful video was shown to the audience that gave everyone an insight into the headquarters of universal at New Jersey. The video was a beautiful revelation about the world class supplements unit, and even introduced us to the staff there.
Measures for maintaining the highest level of quality and purity along with proper research makes UNIVERSAL the best and these are undoubtedly the strength of the brand. 
The overall event was a huge success and ended with a sumptuous dinner buffet laid for the guests, and some goodie bags as well. The event was convened by MS JINNIE GOGIA CHUGH who made meticulous arrangements , paying attention to the minutest details and managed the complete show.
The wee hours of the morning, the positive energy of the morning, the enthusiastic atmosphere of the gym, the hustle and bustle of the gym- wherein the weights and muscles and the dumbells are all trying to outdo each other.Yes, this was the enthralling atmosphere at RHIONS GYM- the biggest gym in North Delhi.
TEAM UNIVERSAL was welcomed wholeheartedly by team Rhinos. The staff especially dressed in INDIAN Were to welcome the team, and a stupendous LIVE DHOL was there to welcome the team.
Sri Balajis Mr Rajender, Mr Vipin and GARY and CLAUDIA were greeted by tilak, bouquets and garlands .This was followed by an interaction with the dynamic owners MR SUMEET SETHI and MR CHIRAG.
Mr Sumeet shared his expansion plans and also was asked the key to running such a huge and successful gym in the capital city.
He had a diligent interaction with the team and also discussed about the products that are most popular with the Indian Diaspora.
There was an interactive session with the members of the gym, who were more than curious to know about the nuances of using supplemets as well as the presence of the brand. The audience had many apprehensions about usage of certain products and had reservations about gender and age. All the querries were handled well by the team.