What It Takes To Be A Winner

What It Takes To Be A Winner
23 April 2019

By Gaurav Bhandari
Imagine trying to win a race if you had no idea where to go; it’s not possible.  Goals give you direction and winning can only happen if you have a target in mind. 


So make goal making second nature and learn to work towards something rather than working aimlessly. So plan your strategy as to how you will proceed to your final goal, draw out a plan as to what all you would need in that process. Do things calculatedly and scientifically instead of blindly.
Winners are committed to winning. They know what they want and therefore do whatever they have to do, to get there. Try to stay dedicated and learn how to motivate yourself  to keep going. Stay committed to your plan and goal, don’t get distracted by others. 
Any sports or any thing in life requires one to be disciplined in order to reach ones goal so self-discipline is, therefore effectively about proactively training yourself to follow a specific set of rules and standard. Timely eating, training properly, giving your body good rest and to do this day in and day out till you reach your goal. One has to be a extremist to achieve what others can only dream of and to do that and be a winner one has to stay disciplined and regime. 
Don’t waste valuable time only visualizing the end goal. Visualize the process and the steps involved. This visualization gives winners vision and it helps them reach their destination faster.
For example before I go out for any workout session I visualize myself doing the reps the weight and once I get in the gym I am focused on it. When I start doing the reps I visualize the target muscle and keep my focus at 100%.
Don’t ever let your focus be weakened. Focus is vital for attaining ones goal as it provides you with a backbone or foundation to build upon. I use the same principle in my training and at work.
When it comes to winning knowledge is literally power and the more you know the better. One should also have a open mind to learn and to do that one needs to be a good listener. You listen and absorb the best from it and make use of it. One can never stop learning. Like we all want to achieve a better body , trying to self improve our self. To do that one needs to always be in the process of learning. Knowledge is power.