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10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight

weight loss

There  are some uncountable conflicting advice about how to lose weight. All sort of pills,potions and weird diets have been devised,actually most of them do not have any evidence behind.Though all of those are not a nonsense.After some studies and

The Officer with Hardcore Muscles

  CELEBRITY OF THE MONTH Mr. Sachin Atulkar, Superintendent of Police (M.P.) “This M.P. based Superintendent of Police tells us Bodybuilding is not just a source of relaxation for him, but a real booster for his profession that demands mental and physical

10 Things Your Gym Wont Tell You !

    1. We May Not Be Prepared if You Have a Heart Attack  Approximately 400,000 people each year will experience a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a life-threatening condition. Some of these incidents occur in health club settings. Ask the