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The Importance Of Right Nutrition

The Importance Of Right Nutrition

The following needs to be kept in mind


Carbs are one of the most important macro nutrient, which provide us instant energy, fuel our brain and fuels the muscle to perform.  In the last few years our consumption of refined carbohydrates has increased manifold, which is something to worry about. This increase in the sudden intake of refined carbs is responsible for the cases of insulin resistance going up or diabetes going up. As a nutritionist I would always suggest to eat more of complex carbohydrate and avoid as much you can the refined sugars.

Fruits are a great source of dietary fibers , vitamins and minerals . Make sure to have atleast 2 servings of  fruits a day. Look for colors in your fruits, try and have atleast 5 colors of fruits  a day. This will help your system perform better.

  • FATS

Fat is the most misunderstood macro-nutrient , with most of the people ,infact the professional trainers(non-certified) advicing to eat  less fat . They advocate that eating less fats will make you thin, which  means you won’t gain fat without realising that it is the extra calories that you intake which makes  you gain fat and not the consumption of fat.  Fat is an excellent source of energy and is needed for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Fat is also needed for the release of anabolic hormones like testosterone and estrogen. It is extremely important to incorporate good fats into your diet. The good fat here classifies as the unsaturated fat, which helps to reduce your bad cholesterol and also helps to subside the inflammation. Start adding more omega 3, walnuts, almonds, olive oil and fish oil in to your diet. Avoid saturated and Trans fats from your diet.

  • Proteins are called the building blocks of the body and are needed for a constant repair and maintenance of the human body. Eat good sources of protein such as eggs, meat , pulses , lentils to have enough intake of protein in your diet.

A balance of the above is a wholesome meal and will fulfil your requirement of  good nutrition .The quantity of the food, however may vary from person to person. For professionals, the quantity of protein, fat and carbs varies as per their fitness goals. While muscle gaining diet is different from strength gaining diet: a fat loss diet is entirely different from a maintenance diet.

But for general maintenance of good health, and a good physique, one must be watchful of what one eats. Ofcourse, we all have our induldgences, but we need to strike a balance.

Add variety of fruits and vegetables to fulfil your requirement of vitamins and minerals. Make sure to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.

When followed for a long period of time, eating right will boost your immunity and you will have a healthy life to live to the fullest!

Food forms the basis of life, and the human life functions well if the fuel is right. We need to understand the importance of the right nutrition. Our ancestor always focussed on eating right. Over the years, a sudden increase in cases of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer has been seen . Our Ayurveda amedicine system keeps the food on the top. So, to fight with any diseases, keep your nutrition right. FOOD has a vital role to play in human life. To gain strength, to fight a disease,to boost immunity ,to achieve a target body shape, the right food, coupled with the right workout gives a desired result.

Dr Chirag Sethi, #fitindia BRAND AMBASSADOR ,and Director,CLASSIC FITNESS ACADEMY, elaborates:

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