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Murali Vijaya Kumar

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Murali Vijaya Kumar

The well known Indian bodybuilder Murali Vijaya kumar was born on February 10, 1985. His roots are from Kottayam in Kerala. Currently he is working/ serving Indian Navy. After ten years of vigorous training and hard work he emerged as champion amongst champions and ‘Mr. India’ overall title in the sixth RMCO Nationa

l senior bodybuilding championship at the Bolghatty Palace on 25th March 2013. While he possessed first rank and title of “champion of champions”, his team secured second place in overall position.

There are ample of achievements that he possesses within very short span of time. Some of the benchmarks set by Mr. Murali Vijaya Kumar include-

  • Mr. India’ overall title in the sixth RMCO National senior bodybuilding championship 2013
  • Winner/ Gold Medalist of Talwalkars Classique National Bodybuilding Championship 2013
  • He recently has won the Mr. Tamil Nadu title in under 80 kgs category
  • He has internationally acclaimed the title of Mr. Asia 2013
  • Awarded with bronze medal in the Mr. World Competition

For Murali Vijaya Kumar bodybuilding is entirely about his passion and this passion took him out of his profession of software engineer to India’s top most in fact, finest bodybuilders. With a perfect blend of balanced lifestyle, discipline, workouts and healthy diet Mr. Murali Vijaya Kumar is now considered as pioneer for the sport of bodybuilding.

Diet Plan- His regular diet includes around 40 to 50 eggs and a lot of green vegetables. The lacto-Ovo vegetarian Murali Kumar, intake food after ever two and a half hour which is packed from his home. He believes that a good diet is vital part of bodybuilding; however, among all other nutrients protein is must for perfect muscular development and bodybuilding.

Regular Routine of Murali Vijaya Kumar- You would be amazed to know that he follows strict routine that include his sleeping hours, work hours and so on. By waking up at 5 O’Clock in the morning he follows the bed time sharp at 10:00 pm. Moreover, apart from his regular workout schedule, working hours, sleeping hours and eating habits the most interesting thing about Mr. Murali Vijaya Kumar is that he is a great fan of Dorian Yates. Dorian Yates is a six time Mr. Olympia winner.

Mr. Murali Kumar had even faced a fractured bone in leg once and later recovered with physiotherapy. In fact, the most amusing thing about the same is that the recovery therapy during fracture inspired him to take up bodybuilding as his profession.


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