Pranayam The Magic Of Breath

Pranayam The Magic Of Breath
05 August 2019

By Amrita Lohia
The most fundamental aspect of life is BREATH. The Gift of God. However, even after being the most important aspect no one notices it, and hence no one knows how powerful it is. 


Even with the slightest change or activity whether it is the Physical, Mental or Emotional the breathing changes. Walking, sitting, eating , laughing or sleeping the breathing simply varies in each pattern.
Breath works and varies from emotion to emotion, even the slightest change in emotion or a change of mood can actually bring a change of Breath.
It is extremely important for an individual to bring the awarness and learn to channelise ones Breath..
And the most powerful tool to conquer ur Breath is PRANAYAM.
Pranayam- its the Magic to discipline the cosmic energy or the fundamental force. Pranayam is the most amazing medium to help your body be fit with the undisturbed flow of Oxygen and purification of blood ,one of the most beautiful medium to uplift and activate the Chakras as well. There are different ways of breathing techniques named as Pranayam.
“Yatha Naam Gatha Guna” 
Nadi means Nerves and ‘Shodhan’ means to purify.
NADISHODHAN pranayam helps in cleaning the Nerves and Pour.
• Benefits of Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique)
It is an excellent breathing technique to calm your mind. 
• Our mind has a tendency to keep repeating the thoughts and tasks. Nadi Shodhan pranayama helps to bring the mind back to the present moment.In one day as per studies our brains have more than 90000+ thoughts running and out of which 75000+ as same or similar or correlated.
• Pranayam Works therapeutically on respiratory problems and on the circulatory problems. 
• Releases the unnecessary stress from the mind reducing the cortisol levels. 
• Helps harmonize and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which correlates to the logical and emotional sides of an individual. 
• Helps and improves the balance of the nadis - the subtle energy channels, thereby ensuring a smooth flow of prana (life force) through the body.
• It plays and important to Maintain body temperature.
Preparation of NADISHODHAN 
1 - Sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan with your spine straight for those who cannot sit on floor can surely use chair enauring to keep the spine straight ...
2 - Try keep your eyes closed as closed eyes will ensure to keep ur awarness on yourself.
3 - Right hand thumb and the ring finger will used to control the nostrils while practicing.
* Close the right nostril with thumb and gently inhale from the left nostril.
* Inhale completely, close the left nostril with the third finger and exhale gently through the right nostril..
Repeat the same from the other nostril in the same way.
Inhalation and exhalation time should be same 1:1 ratio.
As you practice more and become better, simply change the. Ratio of inhalation & exhalation from 1:1 to 1:2 and then you can enhance it to 3seconds of inhale ro 5seconds of exhale.
With practice you will become better and will have better results and input. 
Note: There should be NO sound of breath during inhalation oe exhalation. 
This simple subtle practice will bring a huge change in your overall well being.
This was the first article on Magic of breath with Nadishodan. In the next edition, We will read on how to hear the High Blood pressure and low blood pressure with the magic of breath.