Muesli Parfait

Muesli Parfait
24 January 2020

Samaira is a mere nine year old little girl who has been recently very active on social media entertaining the audience with her cooking skills, catchy expressions and naughtiness. Her father Chef Ashish Bhasin who is the executive chef at The Leela Ambience Gurgaon mentions that she was five when she developed the interest while watching him bake cakes in the kitchen and various “no flame” cooking sessions at school. 


Her first dish was a “Chutney cheese sandwich” which she learnt at school and lovingly made it for him at home. The interest and sincerity of her efforts made him decide that she can carry his legacy forward in her own way. He cooks and bakes with her on his off day. She decided the dishes she wants to cook, googles the recipe and posts it on her recipe board. Chef Ashish occasionally also makes a video of a few of the dishes and posts it online which encourages her as well. Apart from cooking , Samaira is an ace classical dancer of Bharatnatyam and an avid reader.
Oatmeal releases sugar continuously at low speed into the bloodstreams which helps in reducing fatigue and anxiety 
Blueberry being rich in nutrients puts your immune system in action. It’s a great antioxidant too
Nuts and honey make it even healthier
Ingredients Quantities
Oats, rolled 150 gms
Whole almonds 30 gms
Apricots 30 gms
Carrot 100 gms
Apple 100 gms
Milk      500 ml
Honey  As per taste
Raisins                    20 gms
Yoghurt                        100 gm
Whipped cream        50 gms
Dried muesli                  0 gm
1. Mix oats with chopped almonds, chopped apricots, grated apple, grated carrot and milk. Soak mixture overnight.
2. Next day, add yoghurt, raisins, honey.
3. Add the muesli in a bowl, layer it with blueberry sauce and dried muesli.