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StoryTelling For Corporates And Running Events

StoryTelling For Corporates And Running Events

Khayaalon Ki Udaan is an organization that offers one-on-one sessions, performances, events, workshops, webinars for storywriting and storytelling covering the topics that make the society aware and awake. Every event of it brings a new topic to the world with prose, followed by a story. upcoming projects: Independent Cinema/ documentary, Amazon Prime.


Few events on running and fitness: (being a runner myself, I tell how running changes life through stories)
1. Storytelling in Run to breathe Ghaziabad 2018 (December)
2. Prose and storytelling in Runner of the year awards 2019
3. Storytelling in Run to breathe Spiti 2019 (June)  {World’s highest marathon}
4. Aaghaz: Story of the mountaineer 
5. Khuwaish: Mountaineering (Cited story of mountaineer Rizza Alee)
6. Khumbu Icefall: (the deadliest part of climbing mountains )
Faizi Khan is the Founder of Khayaalon ki Udaan, an influencer, and storyteller for the stories of change! 
Her purpose is to support people in celebrating their lives, directly or indirectly. 
It is an initiative that took few years to execute, from corporate world, the job culture for 6 years to now! She has always believed in the power of pen. All the stories written are real and researched and gives a reflective message.  
She offers story writing and storytelling workshops, screenwriting, storytelling performances at different platforms, including fitness industry and arts.  
An active Marathon Runner , she creates stories around running events. This very enthusestic and energetic lady is an inspiration!